Descriptive Text

What is it?

A descriptive text is a kind of text which describes the characteristics of something in order to make clear impression of a person, place, object or event. You may employ descriptive text to describe a certain place of your favorite with its details, the appearance your best friend, your pet, etc. You can use descriptive text to take on your readers’ attention, create characters, and form a particular mood or atmosphere about the subjects being described.

Social Function

As mentioned above, you surely can draw in your mind that the social function of a descriptive text is to describe a particular place, thing or person. It says what a person, thing or place is like.

Generic Structure


It mentions the special participant or subject which will be described.


It states the part, quality, and characteristics of the subject.

Language Features

-Using specific nouns such as my cat, Bandar Lampung, Sukarame, etc.;

Using simple present tense;

Using adjectives like handsome, big, small, nice, etc.;

-Using thinking and feeling verbs to express something, e.g.: The pumpkin pudding is very refreshing, I think this lake is so peaceful, etc.

The Descriptive Text Examples:

  1. University Of Oxford
  2. Cleopatra
  3. Columbia University
  4. Prambanan, The Most Beautiful Hindu Temple In The World
  5. Jakarta
  6. Istiqlal Mosque
  7. Moon
  8. Mona Lisa
  9. Kuta Beach in Bali
  10. Borobudur

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