Baby Layette

Baby Layettes

Baby Layettes

Layette is something very important to prepare to welcome your coming baby. You even need to do it before his/her arrival. Cheer up your little one’s layette with various colors, designs, cuts and fabrics. Here is the guide about preparing the layette for your cute infant.

There are some items you need to prepare for your baby, they are diapers; 2-3 tops/shirts; and for baby girl, 2-3 baby gowns with drawstrings at the bottom is important; loose jackets; mittens, socks; burping clothes; 4-6 baby bibs; very lightweight blankets; very warm baby blankets; swaddling bands; 2-3 cotton baby hats; 2 thin and 1 warm bonnet; and a couple of wool caps. But baby doesn’t really need shoes until he/she starts crawling, but socks or slippers are needed to keep his/her feet warm.

Your baby will also need small baby washcloths. Actually you can supply him/her with baby bathing sponges but it seems that baby washcloths are more convenient to use, since they can more easily reach into all the wrinkles in your infant’s skin – moreover if your little one is chubby, there will be lots of rolls then.

After all you must pay attention to the following matters in providing your baby’s layette.

First, as we all know that baby’s skin is very delicate and easy to irritate by rough clothes or their seams, thus you must choose the clothes which are made only of cotton or mixture of cotton with soft synthetic materials, or organic layette can be the good alternative for this case. It is surely for his/her convenient.

Then buy the layette which is not too tight and stiff to give room to breathe for your baby. The large opening and design which make easy access for wearing, removing and diaper changing are also very important to be covered in choosing your baby’s layette.

Then if you don’t know yet the sex of your baby, buying layette in neutral colors seems to be a good idea. Usually colors that often go well with any infant are shades of greens, pinks, reds, yellows, and whites. If you have known the sex, for the infant girl, layette with feminine pastels such as pink, purple and yellow cover all excellent choices. For baby boy, light blue is a common choice, but green, red, and yellow also can be worn by boys. Light colors are best for night wear as there is a lower risk of the children creating a mess of their own when they are inactive.

The last, before he or she comes, it’s better for you to wash your baby’s layette first with laundry detergent and baby fabric softener to make them gentle in order to remove any irritants.

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