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Kancil and the Farmer

Si Kancil

Si Kancil

One day, Kancil is trying to steal cucumbers from a farmer’s field. At the first time, he succeed stealing some cucumbers. But then, he engages a scarecrow. He mocks the scarecrow because it cannot scare off Kancil. Kancil punches the scarecrow with his front leg, but his front leg sticks with the scarecrow. The scarecrow has been given glue by the farmer. Kancil forcefully pull his front leg, but it is useless, the glue is to strong. Then later on, the farmer come. He laughs at Kancil, who finally trapped by his plans. He put Kancil on the cage for the rest of the day. Later at night, the farmer’s dog come and see Kancil. He mocks Kancil and says that Kancil will be cook at the next morning. Kancil, who hear that, stay calm and relax.

The dog confused and ask Kancil why. Kancil says,”You were wrong, I’m not going to be cooked! I’m going to be a prince!” The dog become more confused. “I will marry the farmer’s daughter and I will be come a prince. I feel sorry for you, all of your loyalties were paid just like this! You just become a dog! Look at me! Tomorrow I’ll become a prince!” say Kancil proudly. The dog, who feel discriminated by his own master, ask Kancil to switch place. He thinks by switching place with Kancil he will become a prince, instead! So he open the cage and let Kancil free.The next morning, the farmer confused. Because he is not seeing Kancil anywhere, instead he only see his own dog in the cage waging his tail. Kwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org

The possibly new vocabulary for you:

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1. steal: to take something that belongs to someone else without permission

2. cucumbers: a long thin vegetable that has a dark green skin and is white inside. It is usually eaten raw in salads.

3. engages: to start to fight with an enemy in battle

4. scarecrow: an object in the shape of a person that farmers put in their fields to frighten birds away

5. mocks: to make someone or something look stupid by laughing at them, copying them, or saying something that is not kind

6. punches: to hit someone or something with your fist (=closed hand), usually as hard as you can

7. sticks:to become fixed to something, especially by means of a sticky substance

8. glue:a sticky substance that you use to fix things to each other

9. forcefully: involving the use of force

10. cage: a container made of wire or metal bars and used for keeping birds or animals in

11. proudly: feeling happy about your achievements, your possessions, or people who you are connected with

12. switch: to change from one thing to another, or to make something do this

13. instead: used for saying that one person, thing, or action replaces another

14. waging: to start and to continue a war or a fight

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