Passive Voice

Passive voice is used when a sentence focuses on the action. It is not important or not known who or what is performing the action.


  1. Radio was invented in 1895. (It is interested in the radio, not the person who invented it)
  2. The house is being renovated. (It is interested in the house, not who is renovating it)

A passive voice is constructed by using the following pattern:

Subject+to be+past participle+rest of sentence


  1. Japanese Language is taught in this school.
  2. The room was cleaned yesterday.

Or if we want to show the actor of the action, we can use by+object, so the pattern becomes:

Subject+to be+past participle+by+object


  1. The dinner is being served by a professional chef.
  2. The gardening video will be published very soon by Stevy.

Now please compare the following active and passive voice together with the tenses to make you build better understanding.

1She exhibits photos on nature once a month. (simple present tense)Photos on nature are exhibited once a month (by her)
2Some strangers robbed the supermarket. (simple past tense)The supermarket was robbed (by some strangers)
3The seller and the buyer will sign the contract agreement tomorrow (simple future tense)The contract agreement will be signed tomorrow (by the seller and the buyer)
4The farmer is planting some mango trees. (present continuous tense)Some mango trees are being planted (by the farmer).
5They have finished the project. (present perfect tense)The project has been finished (by them).

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