Adverb of Cause and Effect

Adverb of cause and effect explains the cause and effect for which the action of the verb is done or taken place. It indicates the reason and the consequence for what happens.  Adverbs of cause and effect is usually started with conjunctive adverbs such as because, since, as, for, as a result, consequently/as a consequence, therefore, hence and thus.

Use in Sentence

1. Because


a. I did it because you asked me to.
b. They go on strike because the company doesn’t meet their demands.

2. Since

Since is normally used in informal spoken English.


a. I don’t like her since she tends to talk too much.
b. Since the meeting starts at 7, he must wake up early.

3. As

As is usually used in more formal written English.


a. As you eat too much food, you are now fat.
b. I became stressful as the test was hard.

4. For

For is actually more frequently used as a preposition but you can use it as conjunction to present a reason.


a. I am now making good preparation for I want to perform well.
b. Don’t do it that way for the result will not be good.

5. As a Result


a. He worked very hard today; as a result, he is now very tired.
b. Mom cooked very special dish; as a result, we enjoyed a memorable dinner that night.

6. Consequently/ As a Consequence


a. He did a very hard struggle in the past; consequently, he gets what he wants now.
b. They are very strong; as a consequence, we must practice diligently to beat them.

7. Therefore


a. We love you much; therefore, we will do everything for you.
b. Nobody woke him up; therefore, he was over slept.

8. Hence


a. I know him well; hence, I trust him.
b. He has lived in the US for long time; hence; he speaks very fluent English now.

9. Thus


a. We need you; thus, we call you.
b. I need money to support my life; thus; I work.

You can also use so, so … that/ such . . . that to state cause and effect.


a. She was very lazy so she failed in the exam.
b. Your words are so funny that I can’t stop giggling.
c. I have never met such handsome man that I stunned on him.

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