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The Effects of Fast Food

fast food

fast food

Today, there are over thousands and millions of things that ruin your health severely around the world. These things are called fast food restaurants and almost everybody in the world visits it at least more than 10 times in their lifetime. Fast food restaurants are not good for your body and you do not get a lot of energy obtained from it.

The first bad effect of fast food restaurants are because of the energy consumed from it. Research shows that 29~30 percent of children energy comes from fast food when consumed. Also there is an additional 57 calories more than the balance of the calories that need to be consumed in a day. Fast food restaurants give you a lot of calories and also a small energy.

According to Research fast food is related to obesity because it has a lot of fat in it. By eating fast food you can get obesity. Obesity is when your body has more fat than it needs. This can give off a bad effect because your body will be heavier to carry around and also it makes you lazy and is not good for your body health. This maybe the reason why about 60 percent of America’s people are obese; American people go to the fast food restaurants like it is their house because they go there so often.

Fast food restaurants also use a lot of bad materials in making their food. The oil is used again for days and they also use vegetables that are not very fresh. The way the fast food restaurants try to hide their uses of bad vegetables is by making the commercial using very fresh and good vegetables and people think that all of their food will be as fresh as it is in the commercial. People should always recognize that the commercials are very different from the real product.

The energy obtained from fast food is little and fast food is bad for people’s health. I think that people should go to fast food restaurants once or twice a month if they really need to. I go to fast food restaurants about once in three months unless I have a friend that came back from America and we go and eat at a fast food restaurant. Also according to researchers, fast food is highly related to obesity.

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