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Keong Emas

Keong Emas

Keong Emas

There are several versions of Keong Emas legend known in Indonesia. The most common one is the legend describes the romance, the separation and reunion of Raden Panji Asmoro Bangun and his wife; Dewi Sekartaji. It all starts when the King of Antah Berantah kingdom desires to take Dewi Sekartaji his wife, and to do so he kidnapped her. Fortunately, the god Batara Narada saved Dewi Sekartaji by changing her into a golden snail. The god told Keong Emas to drift along the river in order to find her husband, Raden Panji Asmoro Bangun.

One day a poor old widow, Mbok Rondo Dadapan, who always fished along the river, found the golden snail and took it home as a pet. There, she put the snail in a jar and took good care of it. All of sudden, the unexpected good things took place in Mbok Rondo’s live.

Coming back from her daily fishing, she would find delicious dishes on the table and the house is cleaned. She wondered who had been so nice to take care of her house, to do the cooking and house chores. This strange event went on for several days, she could not resist to find out who was the mysterious and kind person was. So, one day, instead of fishing, she peeped through a hole in the wall of her house.

After waiting and hiding, finally she saw an amazing scene. She saw a beautiful princess coming out of the jar and starting to clean the house and preparing the meal.

The next day, the same thing happened. Without wasting any time Mbok Rondo rushed into the house and smashed the jar altogether with the snail shell in it with stone mortar. The homeless Dewi Sekartaji could not turn back into a snail shell, and the magic spell was broken. She was then adopted by Mbok Rondo as her daughter.

Meanwhile, Raden Panji Asmoro Bangun searching for his wife. He wandered from one village to another, finally reaching Dadapan village where he found his beloved wife. Filled with happines and love, they went back to their kingdom, taking along good old Mbok Rondo.

Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org

The possibly new vocabulary for you:

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1. desires: a strong feeling of wanting to have or to do something

2. kidnapped: to illegally take someone away and make them a prisoner, especially in order to make their family or government give you money or allow you to do what you want

3. fortunately: used for emphasizing that something good has happened, especially because of good luck

4. snail: a small animal that has a soft body, no legs, and a hard shell on its back. Snails move very slowly.

5. drift: to be pushed along very slowly by the movement of air or water

6. widow: a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again

7. pet: an animal or bird that you keep in your home and look after

8. jar: a glass container with a lid and a wide top, especially one in which food is sold or kept

9. chore: an ordinary job that must be done regularly

10. resist: to stop yourself from doing something that you would very much like to do

11. peeped: to look at something quickly and secretly, usually from a place where you think you cannot be seen

12. amazing: used about something surprising that is also very impressive

13. scene: a view that you can see in a picture or from the place where you are

14. mortar: a substance used in building for joining bricks or stones, made by mixing together sand, water, and lime

15. wandered: to travel from place to place, especially on foot, without a particular direction or purpose

16. smashed: violently or badly broken or shattered

17. spell: magic charm

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