How to Express Thanking
in Mandarin

The following are the ways to express thanking/gratitude in Mandarin:

1. 谢谢 (Xièxie)

2. 谢谢你 (Xièxie nǐ)

3. 谢谢你,马丁 (Xièxie nǐ, Mǎdīng)

They all mean ‘Thank you’. In number 3, we add the person’s name we are talking to after 谢谢你 (Xièxie nǐ).

The responds to thanking in Mandarin Chinese are:

1.不客气 (Bù kèqì).

不 (bù) means ‘no’, 客气 (kèqì) means ‘courteous’, no need to be that courteous, or in other word ‘You are welcome’.

2. 不用谢 (Bùyòng xiè)/不谢 (Bù xiè)

不用谢 (Bùyòng xiè) or 不谢 (Bù xiè) means ‘No need to thanks’.

Please pay attention to the following dialogue!

马丁(Mǎdīng): 谢谢你, 大卫 (Xièxie nǐ, Dàwèi)

大卫 (Dàwèi): 不客气。 (Bù kèqì).