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Air Pollution Dangers

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air pollution affects so much more than just the air we breathe. Everything living has a need for clean, breathable air, from humans and animals, to plants and trees. These needs make fighting air pollution a major priority for everyone, to help heal and protect our planet and future.

Air pollution is a common issue among large cities, anywhere in the world. High volumes of traffic, large industrial areas, and dense concentrations of people all contribute to the amount of pollution in the area. The effects of air pollution reach around the globe, wreak havoc on people, plants, and animals. Changes to air and water quality create dangerous and even deadly situations. Here are just a few of the dangers of air pollution.

o Breathing polluted air can cause damage to the heart and lungs. Similar to the effects of smoking tobacco, inhaling the particles in polluted air can cause people and animals to develop heart and lung disease that could eventually prove fatal.

o Those with certain medical conditions may find that high levels of air pollution aggravate their symptoms. People with asthma, allergies, and diseases resulting in breathing problems are usually the worst affected.

o Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen as their “breathing” process. When pollutants are present in the air, plant life will breathe these particles in, as well. This causes serious problems within the cells of the plant, resulting in poor growth and possibly death or the plant.

o The residue from the chemicals and pollution in the air deposits itself onto plants, preventing necessary photosynthesis from taking place. Without the ability to receive proper sunlight, plants quickly discolor and die.

o The moisture in the atmosphere picks up the dangerous chemicals and pollutants in the air, creating even further problems for the environment. The resulting acid rain can find its way into ground water and other waterways, creating a dangerous situation for plants, animals and humans alike.

Air pollution contributes to water and soil pollution that can be disastrous for all living creatures.

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