Cute Baby Hair Bows for Your Little Angel

Baby Bows

Baby Bows

Baby Hair Bow is one of the popular accessories which can make your little angel’s appearance prettier and cuter just like a princess to attend special events like birthday party, friend’s wedding, or even taking family pictures. A baby hair bow will make more noticeable of the beautiful dress you have put on your little angel.

There are various choices of baby hair bows’ materials, shapes, colors and sizes. You can buy the cheap baby hair bows or even the expensive ones made by top designers. No matter the materials of the baby hair bows, velvet, organza, or cotton, still they offer bright and luxury to her head. Little tiny bows or big bows will make your daughter prettier.

Then white and pink colors will make your girl like a princess. You can also get her seasonal colors, basic pastel colors or the old ones to match her outfits. And there are pins, Velcro and head bands bow that look beautiful and firm. You only need to find baby hair bows which match your tiny tot’s hair style and outfits for any occasion of the year.

By the way, the most familiar baby hair bow is the classic ribbon which is attached to an elastic band that attains around the baby’s head without falling off from her head. It is soft and elastic, so your baby will be very comfortable with it. If you want, you can create such baby hair bow yourself by taking ribbon and weaving it into your baby’s hair.

And if you are not satisfied with the simple one, there are a lot of varieties of baby hair bows which are usually accented with many different kinds of shapes and materials, among others are crowns, animal shapes, silk flowers, and barrettes, figurines and head bands.

Animal shapes baby hair bows often use ducks, bears, ladybugs, butterflies, etc. The silk flowers baby hair bows commonly use ribbons to make the bows. Occasionally they are ringed around headbands and circle the head. Then figurines sometimes use plastic figurines as ornaments. And crowns surely use crowns as the hair bows.

Another kind of baby hair bow is midnight rose. It is a large bow of which color is black. You can put it to your baby’s head when you are taking her out to an evening party. The color of black is really elegant and gorgeous. The large size bow on your baby’s head gives a cool and stylish appearance. This baby hair bow is also designed comfortably for your tiny tot.

Furthermore, I will give a more detailed example of baby hair bows in terms of shape and size (taken from Michael Rigby’s).

  • Bumble barrette bow- Newborns and toddlers can wear these bows. It is a French clip usually embellished with a flower pattern or a hair band decorated with a sequined strawberry or a flower or a bunny.
  • Itty bows- These bows measure somewhere around 2 to 2 ½ inches and are made on alligator pinch clips. They are available in various prints and colors. These are made on such smooth ribbons that the baby hardly feels it’s there.
  • Toddler Bows – These are made for the sweet older babies who are just learning the ways of the world. Especially made for them are hair bows which come in bolder colors of bright pink and fuchsia.
  • Headband Bows – These can be worn by infants, toddlers and preschool girls alike. The bow is made of ruffle ribbon, is 3 inches wide and is carefully placed on the headband. It can be made with two layers of ribbon to have more loops or you can buy a korker headband so the bow looks fluffy but not frayed.
  • Single Bows- They can be just simple or you can make them attractive by adding more loops or by attaching them to a headband. You may select from a wide variety of colors that would make them go with most of your baby’s dresses.
  • Loopy Bows – Usually made of long ribbon, they require around 3/8″ of ribbon. Korkers can be added to them for a fuller look.
  • School Team Cheer Bows- If your little girl acts as a cheer leader for the school team; you can buy for her a three color scheme hair bow. It can be made of korkers or ribbons or a combination of both. You may attach it to a French clip or alligator clip.
  • Gymboree Bows- You can buy these as a single bow or a headband set. They look very cheerful in all rainbow colors. You can loop them in the pattern of Tiger Love or Sugar Cookie or Bubble Fun.
  • Janie and Jack Bows- These bows are made in line with the Janie and Jack Flair line. It is made with 11/2″ of ribbon and only the two loops on the top are 7/8″. The combination of red and white looks really amazing.
  • Holiday Bows -They are usually the ruffle ribbon hair bows that give a fluffy look for your baby. The satin and big bows will not encourage your kids to wear and play around

Last but not least, there are some points you need to consider when choosing baby hair bows for your little girl. Not only the designs of the baby hair bows match her hair and outfit but also are safe, comfortable and easy to use. Avoid the ones which are made of metals that can endanger her. Choose the soft material so that the baby hair bows may not hurt your child. Never pick the one which is too tight. Not only it irritates her but also can cause harm as well. Leave the heavy one since it’s not good for her. Then the materials with sharp edges or hard corners must be avoided. Finally you must check the safety standards of the brand of the baby hair bows you are going to purchase.

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