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Svior is a Pay per Click Search Engine with Advertising option that enables Members to Advertise and neve reun out of advertising and even earn a passive income.


Start EARNING NOW by selecting one or more options that suits you best!

Earning option A: Games- Guardian

Guardian is easy game for all members where you are paid to click on links. Game works in cycles and it is designed as high EARNING ptc site. Patent for this game is protected! For more information go to

Earning option B: Affiliate program – Referrals

Earn from new members and /or Svior clients and get MONEY for every PRO member and client purchase with your referral link! For more information go to

Earning option C: Directory- Advertise

Everyone needs advertising all over the Web. Earn a salary by signing up clients to advertise with Svior! For more information go to

Earning option D: Funding- Projects

Be your own boss and start your personal project and/or bring organizations and people who require funding and watch your earnings grow! For more information go to

HOW TO START? Sign up at through this link>

On sign up page you have all the instructions how to sign up correctly!

SVIOR unique method of EARNINGS is available for FREE and for PRO members! What’s the HUGE difference? PRO members can EARN MUCH MORE MUCH FASTER by setting their account on autopilot! You get guaranty with $50 for your $25 if you don’t start earning.

*THE ONLY WAY you can have PASIVE ADVERTISER EARNINGS is through Svior games and after you INVEST ONE TIME ONLY 25$, or EARN through GUARDIAN game that is available for FREE members. Detailed explanation is given below.

Your referral link is located here:


FROM 50$-3.500$ or MUCH MORE a MONTH! Depends how much you work, 15 minutes and 4 hours make a difference. If you are FREE member you EARN 25%, if you are PRO member you EARN 35% plus BONUS earnings!


Promotion through referral link is the ONLY WAY company knows that YOU brought a PRO member and/or a CLIENT that buys Svior company services! But you certainly don’t have to promote!


If you WORK you NEED to deliver RESULTS or INVEST in order to EARN. If you DELIVER nothing, what exactly do you expect to EARN? When you do EARN, company is LEGALLY obligated to send you your EARNINGS!


I get paid through this company since JANUARY and below you can see my latest payment proff, payment from others can be found here:


Site offers many options for EARNINGS, but you can start simply by INVESTING 25$ ONE TIME ONLY and make PASIVE INCOME by using a simple system that EARNS FOR YOU.

Go to

Then chose sum of 25$ to deposit.

After you see the amount in Main balance, chose PRO membership 10$ and Coin collector advertising first time ONLY 15$.

This will start taking your INVESTMENT in CYCLES and with EVERY new cycle your SUM grows accordingly.

See details here

I invested in game and I’m EARNING incredibly fast, you can see statistics here

*Patent for this system is protected

* For additional info see Terms and Conditions

*If you wish to work for Svior company visit


After your sign up I bet you felt a bit confused in where to start? But actually things are pretty simple. You can EARN by posting photos, posting videos, adding other members on bio page, liking their bio profiles, this will give you few cents at the end of the month. Basically just being ACTIVE inside site can HELP you EARN.

Playing Guardian on games page can help you gather few dollars as well. You have video tutorials that will help you or if you can’t manage, post in groups, join skype trainings on or send a support ticket at

Basically, all you wish to know is written in Svior site and other members who already EARN can help you START in no time and HELP you feel welcome, for any additional support you can go on skype and contact or write on email

1. Coin Collector Advertising

Coin Collector Advertising is online king of earning systems! Setup once and then just collect earnings or increase the earning amount to Nugget, Pearl and Diamond level. Go to Central account and invest $25.00 or click the red buton EASY. After you see the amount in your main balance, chose membership upgrade to PRO and Coin Collector advertising first time ONLY ($15) .Why invest? It is the FAST way for you to start EARNING IMMEDIATELLY with NO WORK at all, since when you become INVESTOR free members WORK and EARN for themselves and for you and as INVESTOR you simply EARN and ENJOY. If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

2. Guardian publisher

Every Member can EARN as a Guardian. No matter Regular (FREE) or Pro Member (INVESTOR) everyone can earn by clicking on Coin Collector’s Ads. It pays of to refer as many Members as you can, because the more members are clicking the faster they spend Advertising funds and faster Advertising funds go into new cycle again which means higher earnings. If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

There are available Nugget Guardian, Pearl Guardian and Diamond Guardian memberships that earn per click much more then Regular Guardian. It goes as high as 10 or 20 cents per click. How to start? Go to games, click on Guardian, then on collectors, select any photo and click on any link in order to find a coin ( these are your earnings!). For more details visit page and watch the video.

3. Earnings from referrals and membership sales

For each pro member you refer you get a commission each month. Every Member that starts Advertising will be active for months because everybody wants to earn and this will assure you permanent commission 25% – 35% on Affiliate’s behalf. How can you see if member goes Pro? Click on statistics and check the letters R stands for Regular member and P for Pro. Also you will se earnings in membership and sales earnings immediatelly after the payment is done. If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

Funding – project pledging

Every Member can start his/her own project or setup funding for his/her charity or any other good cause. First read instructions and see how others are doing it, then setup your own project or funding for your bellowed charity. Click on Funding and then submit project.

• You can also earn with Funding by inviting different charities to participate and this way you are getting commission on processing fees which can be pretty rewarding. Send out this and similar texts to different organizations and help them collect funds and EARN at the same time. This

can be an amazing and rewarding job you will simply LOVE. If you need any help, click chat, acept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

See the sample email below


Increase your visibility; create a project within Svior, and it will be seen across the Web. Svior is site where you can collect necessary funds for your cause or create a petition; all you need to do is sign up and create a project, post it on Facebook and we do the rest. You can see similar projects on page

If you require any assistance or more details, feel free to contact me or simply register your project: ( place your id number)

Local and directory advertising

Local Advertising

• Local Advertising is very rewarding because many Businesses won’t mind paying $10.00 per month to be in Local Search. This means when someone is searching either on computer or Phone for restaurants all restaurants show in neighborhood area in radius of 30 miles.

• It is very affordable Local Advertising and no business will object to pay $10/month for this kind of Advertising.

Directory Advertising

• For additional $10 to Local Advertising, Business can be also listed in Directory which is available to all our Members as it is to whole wide web. In Directory every business is properly classified and available with detailed description to visitors. If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

Below you will find email sample

Sample email for advertising

• International directory – promotion!

Increase the number of foreign and domestic clients with a single click! Data of your company will be displayed here: / dir /

Directory of Svior company provides all types of online marketing services, your company will attract local and international clients.

We offer: Promotion of your company through our pages on Facebook, Pinterst’s, Linkedin, and other social and business networks, blogs, banner design in case you do not have one, the web pages within the directory (blog) In case you do not have your own website, post videos and promotional content that you provide, SEO services and other related internet marketing services.

In case you want to use company’s services or wish to know more, ask for further information about the services, you can do so by e-mail:

Promotional rates will last until the end of June and by this time you can get services of Svior marketing company for only $ 20.00 per month!

Payments can be made via pay pall account when registering: / sign.php?ref=xxx (place your id)

Using SVIOR Tools

Members can use Svior tools to increase earnings. Chat, messenger system, Wall, Forum and blog are used to help Svior Members.

• Chat enables Members to communicate with others inside the SVIOR network.

• Messenger system is mostly used for Support Tickets and leaving messages to other Members.

• Wall – 15 walls actually are used to post to your friends your promos – some limitations apply to prevent spamming.

• Forum is used to train newcomers and introduce them to trainers.

• Blog is for guidance to established and new Members.

• Social Network – Circles and Connects are used to establish connection between Members and permission to advertise on each other’s walls.

• Very simple Article pages serve for page rank and Member’s personal page promotion.

• Funding and Pledges offers Members to collect money for their projects

• Central Account allows Members to transfer funds inside Svior in their different accounts.

• Internal Payment Beta System allows Members to lend the money to other Members with locking option which works in same way as escrow account. Member that borrowed the money can’t withdraw before he/she returns borrowed money. If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

Why this system?

Every participant should not associate Svior with any known system on internet. Svior systems are unique and especially Coin Collector is new unique system called Advertising Cycle Increment.

• Advertising Cycle Increment works on principal how quick are Advertisers funds spent in Advertising which means more Members click as Guardians quicker are cycles turning around. This shows you healthy Advertising relationship between Advertisers and Publishers.

• Each Member can be Advertiser and Publisher. System alone is setup in the unique way and can’t be copied by anyone because its algorithm is so advanced that is practically impossible to break.

• Every Member will notice when his/her cycle becomes active sooner Guardians burn the funds sooner new cycle starts. Each time when cycle starts Member gets 30% – 70% increment on cycle amount.

• ” More Advertisers and more Publishers means faster cycles, which means more money fast!”

• If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.

How to make most out of it?

• Algorithm secures integrity of the system and no Member is required to refer new Members. System will run without new blood too. We recommend referrals because we pay for each active referral $3.5 each month. Referrals are not that hard to get.

• Just be honest to your friends and tell the most simple sentence:” I earned and I keep earning. I just deposited $25.00 for advertising once and it keeps coming”. You are not lying, because you can start earning from first minute even as Free Member – Guardian and when you deposit from that moment you are thrown in cycle pool.

• Punch line is:” One time deposit of $25.00, sit back and enjoy, it will keep coming!”

If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.


• Svior company pays its members and you can see that on page or check the Svior facebook page and see what members attached there. After you get payed you can do it yourself!

If you need any help, click chat, accept requests you will find on right side of the page and ask for assistance.