Healthy and Safe Clothing for Your Newborn and the Environment

Newborn Clothes

Newborn Clothes

There are some efforts you can do to have healthy and Safe Clothing for your newborn and the environment. This article will emphasize mainly on the materials being used for the clothes and the caring. The discussion will include the use of organic clothes, making your own clothing from older cotton and the use of eco-friendly laundry products.

A. Organic Clothes

Organic clothes here mean that the whole process of producing the clothes from planting, harvesting and manufacturing is done without the addition of any toxic chemical. Merely chemicals which are considered non-toxic can be used. Chlorine bleach, metal dyes or resins are not used. Furthermore very strict rules are applied for products to be labeled certified organic. The organic material can be originated from cotton, hemp & bamboo but the most popular one is organic cotton.

On the other hand, conventionally produced clothes commonly use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in growing the cottons. They are bleached and dyed with chemicals which are often carcinogenic. Certainly the clothes resulted from that kind of process is not safe for clothing newborn.

There are many advantages you can get from organic clothes.

1. Safe for Baby

Infant’s skin is very tender and need to be treated very carefully, therefore organic fibers are the best for skin of infants since they are soft, light, breathable, and free from dangerous chemicals and toxic materials. They are also good for babies who tend to be chemical sensitivities and are easy to get allergies, asthma and any other diseases. Buy 100 percent natural clothes for the safety of your babies.

2. Anti dust and mite

An additional good news about organic clothes is that they are wholly anti dust and mite. Since they are clean enough, they also can be used for numerous purposes such as diapers, bibs, booties, towels, caps, blankets, crib bedding, etc. You know that even warm organic clothes are now manufactured and sold in market. They are made of 100% organic Virgin Lamb’s wool. They are surely very soft and safe in keeping your infant warm.

3. Available in numerous designs and styles

Organic clothes are available in many baby stores and warehouses. And you no need to worry about not to be fashionable if selecting this kind of clothes since they are produced in various colors, designs and styles.

4. Durable

Actually organic cottons are more expensive. But they are much more durable than the conventionally produced clothes and this price is worth every cent, since you can keep your baby’s healthy by avoiding skin irritations, allergies and some other health problems. If your baby is healthy, you needn’t to spend more money to buy the medicine or see the doctor. Don’t compromise when it comes to your baby’s health. And for they are durable, you no need to buy your Infant Clothing very often.

Or you can use this strategy to Safe Your Money. Manage the cost by either purchasing less and reusing more or buying the used ones. Since the expensive cost of baby clothes and the saving consciousness of consumers, a lot of second-hand baby goods stores have come up. Shopping in such stores will really save your money.

5. Eco-Friendly

You can participate in saving the environment by choosing the organic clothes for your infant clothing. The reasons among others are organic cottons are grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Only 100% natural components such as compost are used in their production. Then it creates safer surroundings for the workers who work there. Additionally because the methods and materials used to plant the cottons have a very little impact on the environment, so they actually help build healthy soils and keep the balance of the earth ecosystem. They keep the biodiversity & natural biological cycles.

Moreover the crop rotation system can control pest effectively. In conventionally cotton growing, insects are sprayed with chemical pesticides. The insects from time to time become resistant to the pesticides. In this way, the farmer will surely increase the use of the harmful pesticides. Then you can imagine the impact to our environment.

B. Making Your Own Baby Clothing from Older Cotton

If you get difficulty to afford organic clothes for clothing your baby, why don’t you make your own clothing from older cotton? Such fabric is typically softer. What is more the harmful dyes and pesticide residue will be sheer off after many times of washing.

C. Eco-Friendly Laundry Products.

After choosing the organic clothes or making your own baby clothing from older cotton, the next thing you should to still keep your infant health and the environment safe is the caring of the clothes especially the washing.

The organic clothes which have been washed using standard laundry detergents that contain harmful substances may be considered no longer safe. Buy eco-friendly laundry products to wash your baby clothes. It’s not too difficult to get detergents which are not harmful to your baby’s body and surroundings.

After all, by supplying your kids with the eco-friendly products, you protect not only your children, but also the world from damage where the children will live in when they grow up.

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