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National Examination: Controversy Policy

national examination

national examination

National Examination has been administered within the education system of our country since 6 years ago. It is based on an Education Minister Decree No. 114/U/2001, but there were many problems that occurred for years, as if nothing can obscure it. These conditions, of course, have become a concern all of us, whether education ministries or non-education ministries; whether the problem is caused by the agents who involved in or the system itself. In short, national examination has raised pros and cons in the society.

From the pro point of view, National Examination has its own purpose which arranged for a good reason. National Examination is used as a standard quality of our education. If many students passed the national examination successfully, it means that our education has reached its standard, or vice versa. Besides, National Examination is also used to measure how far students’ achievement in school and how successful the curriculum is, and also to diagnose the quality of the education in primary and high schools. In short, we can say that National Examination is a legal measuring instrument specified by National Education Ministry as the determinant of students’ passing in primary and secondary schools, and it is a rightful national standard and has the same right for every student who has this certificate of National Examination.

Still, there are positive respond from students and teachers about National Examination. National Examination has encouraged and motivated them to study hard more and more, and to increase their self-independence because this examination has a national standard for all over the country, and it seems to be glorious. If they can hopefully pass this examination, it will have the students satisfied and their parents will proud of them. As same as the students, the teachers will try to do their best by sacrificing their time and energy for the success of their students.

In contrast, if we refer to our curriculum that lawfully used in our education system, KTSP (School-Based Curriculum), it seems irrelevant. Based on School-Based Curriculum, teacher measures three aspect of learning: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. So the students’ achievement is identified and measured by the teacher because only the teacher who know much more about students’ daily abilities and attitudes in school, not the National Examination.
But the most common complaint about National Examination is that the success in junior and even high school is identified only by three days-National Examination. So, what means by studying three years? Some teachers also said that National Examination may knock down their self-regard, they have done all things within three years, but the peak or the evaluation only determine by three days examination.

From the explanation above, we know that ‘no one thing good for all’. In this context, it means that National Examination policy faces pros and cons. It is the consequence of this policy. On the other hand, when a problem appears, the solution should be found by all of education components, especially National Education Department (Depdiknas) or the supervisor of Indonesia Education System. Finally, apart from pros and cons, the presence of National Examination is expected would increase the quality of Indonesia Educational System.

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