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The Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

credit card

credit card

Little did we know that a small card made of plastic would replace the hard and fast currency in our pockets? Credit cards or plastic money have become the chosen mode of payments now. Each and every wallet in the world has at least one credit card to show. It is easy to carry, convenient and now with the advent of the internet and web shopping, it has become even more important to own one. For those who do not know, a credit card is a small plastic card that can be used to make payments, purchases and even withdraw money. In a credit card, you use the money issued by the lender which then has to be repaid. An interest is levied on the payment.


You no longer have to carry a lot of currency in your wallet and fear of losing it. One small plastic card is all it takes and you can purchase whatever you wish for. You can sit at home and shop with your credit card. Online shopping is virtually impossible without a credit card. If age verification is required in certain websites, a credit card is the only way that you can verify this. Internet and online shopping are considered to be the only way shopping will happen in the years to come and a credit card is perhaps the best way for you to purchase. Pay back the money in the grace period and you do not even have to worry about interest being charged.


Most people cannot resist shopping when they have a credit card in their hands. Shopping on impulse and buying unwanted things is one of the chief problems with a credit card. As a result a lot of people end up with credit card debt and as a result of this, they end up with bad credit. If you default on payments, you will be charged late fees and the interest rates also keep mounting. Eventually the amount can inflate to a huge amount that is almost double the original amount that you borrowed. Hence it is crucial that you only spend as much as you can afford with your credit card. If you are giving your kid a credit card, make sure that you monitor his/her purchases. Having a preset credit limit for your card is also one of the better ways to use a credit card. A student or a kid with a credit card often needs credit card help from parents.

Types of Cards

There are several different types of credit cards available. From normal credit cards that serve the purpose to specialty cards like reward cards that offer you rebate points or rewards for making purchases, low interest cards for people with excellent credit ratings, student cards, cash back cards, grocery cards for housewives, gas cards etc. You can end up pretty confused with the types of cards on offer. However, it is crucial that you review each card type and only choose one that suits you the most.

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