What is it?

Discussion is a kind of text which presents a problematic discourse. Discussion text will see and elaborate the problem or issue from at least two different points of view. It presents pro and contra opinion on the issue, one side agrees with the issue while the other disagrees. The different point of views on the generic structure is actually the core of the discussion text which differentiates from the other text types. The two different points of view not only must be treated fairly but also be supported with reasons and evidence. If the writer chooses to support one particular view in the conclusion, plausible reasons must be given then.

We can discover various perspectives to get the meet point between two different ideas before coming to the conclusion. Therefore discussion is the effective method to calm down any friction and different thought and perception in many social activities.

Social Function

The function of discussion text is to present at least two points of views about an issue or controversial topic.

Generic Structure


It contains an opening statement presenting the issue which is going to be discussed. The issue must drive problematic discussion.

Arguments for (pro)

It provides arguments to support the pro opinion. It is completed with supporting evidence/examples.

Arguments Against (cons)

It states the arguments which disagree or con to the stated issue. These contradictive arguments are also supported with evidence/examples.

Conclusion or Recommendation

Language Features

Using thinking verb e.g.: feel, hope, believe, etc.
Using additive, contrastive and causal This paragraph says the writer’ conclusion or recommendation for the discussed issue on how people should concern with it.
connection e.g.: in addition, similarly, on the hand, however, therefore, consequently, etc.
Using modal e.g.: must, should, could, may, etc.
Using adverb of manner e.g.: deliberately, hopefully, etc
Using simple present tense e.g. Like all animals, we need clean air and water, food and shelter for survival.

The Discussion Texts Examples:

  1. Fossil Fuels Pros and Cons
  2. What are Some Good and Bad Things about Becoming a Vegetarian?
  3. The Good and Bad Effects of TV for Children
  4. Caffeine – Good or Bad?
  5. The Pros & Cons of Credit Cards
  6. National Examination: Controversy Policy
  7. Pro’s and Con’s of Nuclear Power
  8. Should Abortion be Legal?
  9. Should Marijuana be a Medical Option?
  10. Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?

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