The Right Clothes and Smart Ways to Dress Your Toddler

Toddler Clothes

Toddler Clothes

Dressing toddler is sometimes challenging. Why do I say so? As we know that toddlers are babies between the ages of one to four. In these ages, your little ones tend to be very active. This exploration stage is vital since they are leaning to develop many skills in this phase such as crawling, learning to walk, climbing, running, tumbling, self feeding, self dressing, potty training, etc. Since it is vital, you must know how to treat them properly. And this article will specifically discuss on treating your toddler in the case of dressing. It will guide you on choosing the right clothes for your toddlers and the smart ways to dress them.

Choosing the Right Clothes

You need comfortable clothes that will facilitate your toddlers mastering the skills mentioned above and are easy for you to care. The following are the guides when choosing the outfits for your toddlers:

1. Choose the soft, light weight, absorbent and breathable fabric. Cotton is the best choice to prevent your baby from skin problems.

2. Select garments which give your toddler freedom to crawl, walk, climb, run and tumble. Never buy clothes with scratchy laces, tight elastic waists, stiff cuff lines, and closed collars. Laces are good only if they are well sewn on the proper place. Such clothes can bring about discomfort since they don’t facilitate to breathe and move freely for your toddler. Or supplying garments those are made of stretch fabrics seems more sensible.

3. Toddler clothes should be easy to get on and off since this stage is time to do potty training for them, you need to avoid one-piece garment of which buttons are at the crotch. Select pants with elasticized waists: this will make the potty training easier.

4. Choose garments which help your toddler do self dressing easier. It is quite hard for their little hands to cope well the small outfits. Pants with elastic waist can make dressing much more fun and less of battle.

5. Next you also have to consider about the season when buying your toddler outfits. For example, soft and airy clothes are for the summer, woolen sweaters are best for the winter and light or pastel colors are good for spring.

6. Then, you certainly know that your active babies will make dirt or stain on their clothes. It can happen when they are crawling, playing or learning to feed themselves. So don’t think about fancy clothes (except for certain occasion like party) which will cost you a lot and make you think about keeping them clean and neat all the time. It will be stressful for you as well as your toddlers. You must let them explore themselves so that they can develop their skills and creativities well. Let them enjoy a happy childhood by not giving them too many strict rules.

Furthermore, buying clothes in white color or other colors which are easy to look dirty when stain comes on them is not a good idea. Patterned fabric is the best choice since it tends not to show up the stain. The clothes of machine washable also must become your consideration as you certainly want to make cleaning up simpler.

Dressing Your Toddlers

Giving choice to your kids about what to wear is not good idea. It’s not the time yet for them to make decisions. Letting them make decisions will potentially create a conflict since they will try to control the situations. Tell them that clothing is not a kind of activity which has choices. You can prepare the clothes to be worn. Teach them what kinds of clothes for what occasions.

For older kids you may let them express a little of their aspiration about what to wear. But still you need to assist them since their decision making capacity is still very basic. Then they won’t make the wrong choice such as selecting nightshirt to wear for playing time. You may prepare some clothes which are suitable and permit them to select.

Yet, you still need to listen to their complaints when they feel unhappy about the outfits being worn. Maybe the clothes are not comfortable for them such as too tight or itchy.

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