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Why does My Belly button Smell?

Belly button Smell

Belly button Smell

It can be quite embarrassing to have an odor coming from one’s belly button. This problem may be due to a lot of different reasons which could range from being harmless to something to be alarmed about. This bad odor is a result of dead skin and other skin fragments that accumulate in the navel resulting in a smelly belly button.

Obesity can also be a cause because of the skin that folds on the stomach causing the belly button area not to get sufficient air. The belly button is likely to get moist because it is warm and dark. It then becomes the perfect habitat for fungal infections to occur resulting in a smelly odor.

The bad smell in the belly button can also be as a result of a yeast infection which causes itching and scratching in that area which can lead to bleeding.

Candida is one of the fungal infections that can cause an unpleasant smelling released from the belly button. Furthermore, an inflammation of the belly button tissue neighboring the navel could be a result of bacterial invasion. This may lead to a buildup of pus in the navel that may leak out and start giving out a foul smelling odor.

Another cause of a smelly belly button would be the urachal cyst. This is a large infection that shows as a large mass in the umbilical region. Once the urachal cyst becomes infected, one will experience fever and pain in the abdominal area. When the urachal cyst bursts, a fluid will leak from the belly button. This ,however, is a very rare condition that affects only 1 in every 2,000 individuals. The condition can be treated by a doctor wherein the cyst will be lanced and hydrogen peroxide and Bactine applied to it several times during the day.

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