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Why is Arizona so hot?



Arizona is called by some people as Arid Zona. Arizona is considered as a neighbor to the east side and is termed as sunburn state. It is so hot in Arizona that it is normally said that you can boil the egg on your leg. The heat in Arizona is a dry heat and it is not hot all through the year. It appears that it will be hot in Arizona till October and during the Christmas time it will be so cool that frost forms at that time. The Laguna Mountains in California tend to block the cool marine air that flow from the Pacific Ocean. The flow of air is inhibited to move eastwards to Yuma. These Mountains were known to keep the heat in them. The weather pattern in the summer makes the places like Utah, Nevada and Arizona to have high pressures. This high air pressures make the air in the North of Arizona to move at latitudes which are in height. Due to this reason a place called Yuma at Arizona which is situated at higher altitudes will be experiencing more heat and get almost baked.

The level of precipitation is very low at this place due to these Mountains. If any storm arises in the Pacific Ocean and moves towards California it moves from west to east direction. The clouds that are formed touch the Mountain and will be made forcibly to cool fast and condense further. The condensed clouds fall as rain on the Mountains. So, the clouds that passes on to the Mountains will not allow raining in Arizona. The Southern part of Arizona is a desert and hence it is too hot in this region. In the Phoenix region, the month of June seems to be very hot and with less humidity. People in Arizona experience monsoon storms at the summer time. The summer in Arizona has higher humidity levels with the wind and dust storms occurring during the season. We can also observe desert rains at intervals.

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