What is it?

Explanation is a kind of text that informs the process relating to forming of natural, social, scientific and cultural phenomena. It explains ‘why’ or ‘how’ the phenomena happen or why things are similar or different. This text is frequently found in science, geography and history text books. You may often get confused between explanation text and procedure text. Explanation text says about how or why something occurs; while procedure text comes with the instruction on how something is accomplished.

Social Function

Shortly it can be said that an explanation text is used to tell how or why something happens or explains the process involved in the formation or working of natural or socio-cultural phenomena.

Generic Structure

General statement

It states the phenomenon issue which will be explained.

Sequenced explanation

It is the main part of the text which explains a series of steps or events which interrelate to form the thing or a sequenced explanation of why or how the phenomenon issue occurs.

Language Features

Using chronological connection e.g.: first, next, then etc.

Using simple present tense e.g. Seasons come to us regularly

Using technical terms e.g.: evaporation, degradation

Using action verbs e.g.: runs, develops, becomes

Using Passive voice e.g. The greenhouse effect can be used to designate two different things Using conjunction which shows cause and effect e.g.: because of, due to, therefore, as a result, etc.

The Explanation Text Examples:

  1. How does global warming happen?
  2. Why is snow the color white?
  3. Formation of the Solar System
  4. Why do hallucinations occur?
  5. Where does wind come from?
  6. Why is benzene stable?
  7. Why does My Belly button Smell?
  8. All about Tsunami
  9. Why is Arizona so hot?
  10. Why do Lakes turnover?

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