Expressing Plan and Suggestion

  1. Expression of Plan/Intention

The following are the examples to express your plan/intention:

a. I would like to tell you about my childhood.

b. I will visit my grandmother tomorrow.

c. I want to make fried rice.

d. I am going to introduce my sister to you.

e. I would rather watch a movie than go shopping.

2. Expressing Suggestion

AskingGiving AcceptingRefusing
Do you have any suggestion for me?You'd better....That's a good/nice/wonderful idea.I don't think so.
Will you give me some suggestion, please?You could (might)....Yeah, sure.I tried that, but it didn't work.
Shall I come back again?I suggest that you....Thank you. I'll try it.Thanks, but that won't help because....
Any idea?I recommend that youWhy didn't I think of that?I don't want to do that because....
Where do you think I can go shopping?You really should....I think you're right.That's a good idea, but....
Can you tell me what to do?I strongly advise you to....That sounds good.I'm afraid I can't do that.
Please tell me what I should do!My advice is ....... Sure. I'll do that.I think it can't solve my complicated problem.


“be going to” and “would like to”

We can use “be going to + infinitive” to talk about future intention/plan which is fairly certain.


I am studying Japanese.

I am going to be a Japanese teacher.

Use “would like to+infinitive” to talk about ambition, hope or preference.


I would like to speak Mandarin fluently.

I would like to go to Japan soon.

I would like to be financially free.

Practice the following dialogue in front of the class!

Stephanie: Hello Nesh. Do you have a plan this weekend?

Vanesha: Hello, Ste. No, I don’t. What’s up?

Stephanie: Will you join me? I am going to visit my uncle in village this weekend. There we can play in the rice field. It’s very beautiful because the harvesting time almost comes. It’s yellow everywhere.

Vanesha: That sounds great, Stevy. What else we can do there?

Stephanie: We can also go fishing in a pond behind my uncle’s house. There are many kinds of fish there such as gold fish, cat fish, tilapia fish, snakehead fish, and many others.

Vanesha: Ow really? I can’t wait to go there, Stevy. By the way, how will we go there?

Stephanie: We can take a bus from here. Then we continue with taxibike to reach the village. It’s not expensive. We only need to pay about 20,000 IDR to get to my uncle’s house.

Vanesha: Okey, Stevy. I’ll talk to my mom and dad first. Hope they permit me to go. Because I usually find it difficult to get their permission when I want to go a long distance.

Stephanie: I recommend that you tell them you’ll go with me. They know and trust me. I’m sure they’ll permit you to go.

Vanesha: That’s a wonderful idea. I’ll try it and inform you as soon as I get my parents’ permission.

Stephanie:Okey, Nesh. I’ll wait for the good news.

Please answer the following questions to test your understanding on the lesson!
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