The Expressions of Congratulating and Complimenting Others

Dialogue 1

Read and practice the following dialogue!

Situation: Stephanie has just been back from Japan. She came to Vanesha’s house to visit her. They are old friends who have never met each other for years.

Stephanie: Wow! Look at the painting on the wall!

Vanessha: Which one?

Stephanie: The animal fighting painting. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

Vanessha: I painted it myself two months ago.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Vanessha: Yes, that’s my own painting.

Stephanie: That’s great. You are an incredible painter.

Vanessha: Thank you.

Stephanie: I’ve just known that you can paint that great. By the way, have you ever joined a painting competition?

Vanessha: Certainly, I did, many times. I was the first winner on painting competition of province level last month.

Stephanie: Really? You are such talented girl in painting. Congratulation, Vanes.

Vanessha: Thank you, Ste.

Dialogue 2

Darma: Hi Tita, you look so happy. Have you just got something great?

Tita: Yes, Darma. I’ve just got a great news. I got a scholarship from a prominent university. I will study abroad, Darma, in the United Kingdom.

Darma: Really? It’s really a great news. I’m happy for you. Congratulation my sweet friend.

Tita: Thank you, Darma.

Darma: You deserve to get it, Tita. You are very diligent and a hard worker.

Tita: Thanks, Darma, but You gave me too much compliment. By the way, do you want to try to get a scholarship too?

Darma: Or course, Tita. Would you tell me the way?

Tita: Certainly. You are my best friend. I’ll help you to get it. Please give me your email address and I’ll send the information to your email.

Darma: Sure, Tita.

Dialogue 3


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