Tips on Natural and Permanent Fatloss That Work For Everyone

healthy fat loss program

healthy fat loss program

Fatloss sounds hard to do for many people who are experiencing overweight. But actually they seem to make it more complicated than what it actually needs to do. You can make fatloss simpler by thinking of the basic principle of fatloss that we must eat fewer calories than those must be burnt every day. Or simply fatloss is about calories in versus calories out, hormonal control, and metabolic efficiency. Do this and you’ll see it works.

This article will guide you to achieve fatloss naturally and permanently without spending your money on costly and harmful diet products or formulas that only work for short term. Before talking too much about fatloss, I want to tell you an essential point to bear in your mind that actually fatloss and weight loss are different. Weight loss is generally loss of body weight by decreasing muscle tissue and water while fatloss is essentially rooted in reducing body fat. Reducing weight loss without fatloss has no significant meaning since muscle tissue is heavier than fat.

The following are what you need to do in order to be successful in your fatloss program.

1. Set your Goal

What you need to do to start your fatloss program is goal setting. Take a pen and paper and write your goal specifically so that you can focus on achieving it. Mention in detail what you are going to do and set the time when you want to be able to achieve your goals. As an example I want to reduce 5 cm of my waist by 10th February. I will be discipline in doing daily exercise and healthy diet. But you must be realistic and patient since your fatloss program is not something instant, it takes time to process.

2. Take Action

As soon as you set your goal, take action soon to run your fatloss program. No need to wait till tomorrow, do it today!

3. Burn more calories than you consume

Unbeaten fatloss tip is simply about burning more calories than you consume each day. Then you must know how many calories or BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) you burn to fix your fat loss diet. It doesn’t include calories burnt by your activities. The approximate estimation of BMR is only multiply your body weight by 10. If your weight is 160 pounds and your BMR is 1,600, then you must eat less than 1,600 calories each day.

Take low calorie foods and eat regularly. Research proves that spreading food intake (with the same calorie consumption) over 5 or 6 meals a day is better than the standard 3; and is more beneficial for fatloss.

Actually the key issue of fatloss is to apply a way of life which lets your cells to burn fat. Train your body to consume fat all the time, not keep it. Then you must be active to burn more calories than your BMR.
Then the pattern is: right nutrition + eating less + working out = fatloss.

4. Eat Good Quality Food

It is not true at all that one nutrient is better than the other. Your body needs all nutrients to do particular functions. Eating too much of one and lack of the other will make your body not function appropriately. It can harm your health and potentially break your fatloss program.

Good quality food not only supplies your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are needed but also surely taste much nicer.

The following are some necessary food/nutrients to support your fatloss program.

Fruit and Vegetable

Fruit and vegetable are very effective for fatloss because they contain much fiber but few calories. Fiber is good for metabolism because it help the digestion process. They also escalate satiety and keep blood sugar stable therefore you won’t risk dropping in energy which is followed by sugar craving. Serving fruit and vegetable in the form of juice is better because it can be directly absorbed by the body.


Yoghurt is an excellent health food which can support your fatloss program since it is low in fat. Yoghurt is nutritious, delicious and good for breakfast, lunch; as pudding or snack.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Do you know that Omega-3 fatty acids act a significant function in helping the fatloss process, and can even speed it up? They also function to prevent cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Since they cannot be produced by the body, then you must get them from the food you consume. Omega-3 fatty acids can be gained from plant or animal sources, like salmon, mackerel, and other oily fish.

Herbal Tea

Research proves that drinking herbal tea like green tea can help fatloss by increasing the energy spending up to 4% for 24 hours after drinking it. Green tea also functions to detoxify the body, hold down appetite and help the digestion of fatty layers. Green tea also decreases cholesterol.


Good hydration is fundamental for fatloss process for it blushes toxins out of the body. Dehydration will make kidneys, of which task is responsible for managing waste products, turn into overloaded which makes liver must give a help. Since the liver’s main function is to burn fat for energy, but busy helping the kidneys’ task, so it can’t perform its own tasks well. This apparently gives negative consequences for maximum fatloss; therefore drink at least 8 glasses each day.

Moreover water is a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking enough water will not only help your cells to become hydrated which will make the cells happen to be active and boost the rate of metabolism, but also helps in getting rid of wastes at a faster rate, which finally helps the liver to burn fat.

5. Change Your Eating Habits

Your fatloss program must be supported by changing your eating habit. Consume good quality food as mentioned above, take them regularly but not too much in portion, and avoid unhealthy or junk food! You’d better prepare your own food so that you know the quality.

6. Take Regular Exercise

Aerobic exercise is important for fatloss. When you are doing a physical activity, the first period of action is used up reducing glycogen (carbohydrates stored in your body), not the fat. The fat burning occurs only after this depletion has happened. Therefore 15 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, spinning, elliptical training, etc) is not enough to burn your fat. Do it in 30 – 45 minutes.

7. Get Good Quality Sleeping

Enough rest is a must to succeed your fatloss program. Lack of sleeping will not only be responded by increasing a substance called grehlin by your body which make you want to eat more but also reduces the amount of leptin, a suppressant appetite substance which can let you know when you are full.

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