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Sex Education Necessary in High School

by: Kayla Huddleston

Sex Education

Sex Education

Every four hours a baby is born to a Colorado teen ages 15-17, according to the Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention (COAPPP).

Currently sexual education isn’t a part of the curriculum at CHS and lifetime health and fitness, the only relevant course, is usually cancelled due to lack of student interest. It should be incorporated. Physical Education teacher Anna Mead said, “We are one of the only school districts that don’t offer health classes.” Jennifer Thompson, CHS clinic paraprofessional, believes sex education should “100 percent” be taught. “Statistics show with education kids don’t do it [have sex] as much [because] it’s not a prohibited thing anymore,” Thompson said. “We have a population that’s going to do it anyway so give them the education and resources [because if we don’t] we are opening the door for kids to learn it on the streets or from media instead of correct information.”

Sex education as a part of the high school curriculum is a state issue. House Bill 1292 proposes school districts highlight abstinence but it also requires scientific facts on sexually transmitted diseases and various types of birth control be taught. Many Republicans disapprove of the bill claiming it’s invading the role of parents and churches.

Nita Drolet, RN with the Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment thinks students should have access to sexual education. “The more information you have the better decisions you will make,” Drolet said. She believes students should be taught anatomy and physiology of the reproduction system and methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and pregnancies. According to COAPPP, 30 percent of students engaging in sexual activity reported not using a condom last time they had intercourse. In addition, ” I think it’s important to know how to properly apply and remove a condom, methods of birth control and safety,” Drolet said. “It’s important that you have respect for yourself and [learn] how to say ‘no’.”

The Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment offers various forms of education and services for sexually active teenagers including family planning courses, STD clinics, services for males as well as providing birth control pills and free condoms.

Each year in Colorado 12,130 girls under 18 become pregnant; 20 percent of pregnancies are aborted. In Jennifer Brown’s article GOP feels snub on sex ed, Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver said,” We have an MTV culture. We have a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ culture. We need school boards to understand this is a matter of statewide concern.”

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