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The Reason Why Quitting Smoking Cigarettes is Important

By Juan C Ruiz

Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

Do you have any idea why smoking has been considered as dangerous to the health, and why even cigarette manufacturer put label into their cigarettes pack? I will beat that they did not wrote them because they really want to stop everyone from smoking but since they were ordered too as they know the negative effects and then the consequences of their products to everyone’s health. If you want to know why quit smoking cigarettes is essential, stay and read on.

For the past several years there has been a slight decline to the number of people attempting to quit smoking, not because they do not want to but because it is harder for just about anyone to really quit smoking. As a matter of fact, about25% of the smoker’s attempted to quit yearly. But only a fraction of the percentage succeeded.

Now if you need a good reason why quit smoking cigarettes are vital to your health and life of your family, read the following and find out for yourself.

Why quit smoking cigarettes is important is because smokers have a greater risk of experiencing chronic disorders like cancer, COPD and atherosclerosis. Clogged arteries are the main reason of the excess death out of smoking.

• Increase cholesterol level is also brought by excessive smoking and thus should be avoided especially if you already have a weak heart or heart condition.

• Smoking can also make chain smoker older than they real age and if you want to stay young and beautiful while you still have the time and when it is only right you stay away or lower your consumption of cigarettes until you can really keep yourself away from it. Remember everybody ages naturally, therefore why hasten the process.

• Lack of endurance is one another thing that smoking can take away from you, and so if you are into sport and need all the strength you can get. So keep away from smoking as this can reduce your endurance because the oxygen is being depleted rapidly in your body every time you smoke a stick of cigar.

If you need further reasons why quit smoking cigarettes is something you need to do sooner, just go to a hospital or cemetery as a number of those dying or already dead are connected to smoking one way or another.

Do not let smoking take away everything you want in life like good health, strength and family as passive or secondhand smoke can take them away everything faster than you can become sick.

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