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Why Recycling and Going Green is Important

By Mel Sudby

Recycling and Going Green

Recycling and Going Green

As we become more and more aware of how negatively we impact our environment we try to remedy our bad and mindless habits throughout the ages. This is all thanks to the many organizations out there that our battling on behalf of mankind and sustainable living. Recycling is one way that we can use to reduce the alarming rate at which global warming is rising and the resources of the planet are being depleted.

Going green in all our activities is something that we have to learn as we go about our daily tasks. Or should I say relearn as we see that our ancestors did the right things with regard to looking after the planet and its resources. The advancement in technology that has made life easier and definitely more luxurious has made global warming to increase at an alarming rate. It is time to find a balance between luxury and sustainable living.

Recycling waste and reusing items are a great way to start helping our planet. In the US alone we use 88 million tons of paper each year which roughly accounts for a little less than half of the total amount of garbage. Reducing the use of paper will be good for global forest cover and will lessen the total amount of garbage accumulated. Companies should make a special effort with regard to all the paper they use in their offices. By using other methods of communication and limiting the use of paper to instances where it is absolutely necessary the paper waste can be brought down drastically.

Recycling has to start at home with you. If each individual did their part this will be an easy task. First, glass, plastic, paper and bio degradable waste ha to be separated when disposing. This will make it easier for recycling. Small things like using reusable grocery bags which are given by many of the retailers today will reduce the waste of paper or the addition of plastic to our waste. Recycling has to come naturally and this is what our generation can give to the next upcoming generation-the ability to think green in all choices that are made on a daily basis.

Other areas of recycling include water which is fast becoming an elusive commodity in many areas on earth. Our ancestors used water in agriculture before allowing it to flow to the sea and we see many cultures that have prospered around large bodies of water. If we can reuse water this will be a greener place to live.

Another way that we can recycle is by donating goods that we no longer need or have outgrown to others so that they may make use of them instead of purchasing new items. This would greatly reduce the impact that we have on earth’s resources and aid sustainable living. It will also ensure that we have less garbage in our dumps thus reducing global warming and toxic emissions that pollute the atmosphere. Recycling is definitely something that each and everyone of us should be aware of and can practice easily on a daily basis.

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