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Why Should We Put in Solar Panels For Homes?

By Dan Greene

Solar Panels for Homes

Solar Panels for Homes

There are many reasons why we should all use solar panels to provide a source of clean, cheap and renewable power for our abodes.

For some people, solar power is necessary due to their physical location, making it impossible to actually install conventional distributed electricity to their houses. For example living in very remote areas.

Some people will use solar panels on their abodes for more than just their own electricity requirements – if you can generate enough, you can often sell the excess electricity back to the grid. Generally though, residential solar power generation is simply to reduce household bills rather than to make money from the sun!

One often forgotten by-product of the modern throw away world in which we live in is the huge amount of energy used to generate all of our material possessions. Gadgets, TVs, audio equipment etc (you know things like cameras etc) all take energy not only to use, but to generate. And it is the creation aspect that is often forgotten – create your own power will allow you to some extent offset some of this excess!

Solar powered battery chargers for some of these things exist anyway, so even if you get one of these things, at least you can do your bit to not plug your mp3 into the the next time it needs charging!

Companies are only just making use of huge open spaces to make solar power that the rest of us can use to power our abodes and until they do, the main source of solar energy will have to be generated locally.

So, to answer the initial question – why should we put solar panels in our houses? The answer is, for several reasons – save money, make money and help save the planet!

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