Hortatory Exposition

What is it?

A Hortatory exposition is a text which is intended to persuade readers or the listeners that something should or should not happen or be done. The writer needs some arguments to support his thesis. Hortatory text seems very similar to analytical exposition since both of them state thesis as the introduction and present arguments to support the thesis. Yet hortatory exposition builds the arguments in a higher level. It is ended by recommendation; while analytical exposition is ended with a reiteration. Hortatory exposition can be found in numerous functional texts such as sales letter, advertising slogan, speech, a letter to editor, etc.

Social Function

The social function of hortatory exposition is to persuade the readers or listener that something should or should not be the case.

Generic Structure

It states the issue concerned.

It tells the reasons for the concerned issue that will lead to recommendation.


It contains statement of what should or should not happen or be done based on the given arguments.

Language Features

Using evaluative words e.g.: important, valuable, trustworthy etc.

Using emotive words e.g.: worried, alarmed etc.

Using temporal connective e.g.: firstly, secondly, etc.

Using cause and effect conjunctions e.g.: because, since, as, therefore, consequently etc.

Using modals e.g.: may, must, should, etc.

Using mental processes to state what the writer or speaker thinks or feels about something e.g.: realize, feel etc.

Using simple present tense and present perfect tense e.g.: Reading habit is poor among Indonesians, and Then, proposing an important person who has taken a role in our nation history is important.

Using passive voice e.g. The campaign can be done through various kinds of mass media.

The Examples of Hortatory Exposition Text:

  1. Why Recycling and Going Green is Important
  2. Why is Education So Important?
  3. Global Language of English – The Importance of Learning English
  4. The Reason Why Quitting Smoking Cigarettes is Important
  5. Sex education necessary in high school
  6. Importance of Reading to Children
  7. Why Should We Put in Solar Panels For Homes?
  8. Is Antivirus Software Really Necessary?
  9. Why Shouldn’t I Drink?
  10. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive
  11. The Dangers of Plastic Bags

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