Comfortable and Safe Infant Pajamas for Your Baby

Baby Sleepers

Baby Sleepers

Infant Pajamas are essential for your newborn babies since they spend most of the time for sleeping; about 18 out of 24 hours. Because sleeping is a vital activity for your infants you need to provide them comfortable and safe infant pajamas so that they will have good sleeping time which in turn facilitate you to get a good time sleeping too.

It will be wise not to put them on loose fitting, cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or other daytime clothing as sleepwear. Only use sleepwear (infant pajamas) to meet kid’s sleepwear safety guidelines. You are also not recommended to use blanket and bedding for your baby at night. Since they are not firmly attached to the body of your baby like infant pajamas, then there’s always a risk that your baby will suffer from gastric and other breathing complications or even suffocation if they cover your baby’s head.

Furthermore there are some considerations which must be kept in your mind when purchasing infant pajamas for your little one such as material, mobility, type and season.

1. Material

When choosing the material of your infant pajamas it must be comfortable and safe. To afford this need, you must choose the infant pajamas of which made of flame retardant material since your infant can’t escape from his/her crib in the event of a fire. The flame-resistance infant pajamas will allow a few valuable extra minutes for help to reach your babies before flame injure them. Then it will give you a measure of safety.

The flame-resistance infant pajamas should be made of 100% polyester or made of a fabric that is flame resistant. Many kinds of polyester are naturally flame resistant which means no need any treatment by chemicals. There are also some cotton and cotton blend infant pajamas fabrics with flame resistance in the market. Such cotton fabrics have been treated to meet this standard. The flame-resistance cotton infant pajamas should be snug fitting. Read carefully the labels of the infant pajamas if it’s flame resistance. It’s usually put at the back of the garment neck or somewhere else inside. This tag is usually yellow or white.

Then, still for her comfort, ensure that the fabric is breathable. Cotton or cotton blends again will be the best choice.

Afterward for your need, as we know that babies often spit out that certainly make dirt on their clothes, so choose the material which is machine washable of your infant pajamas. The loveable infant pajamas which need hand washing or dry cleaning are really not practical.

2. Mobility

The loose fitting and plain infant pajamas are better than the extremely decorative and tight fighting ones because such infant pajamas can bother your babies’ movement. The free movement is very important for their proper growth, muscle development and coordination. Conversely, infant pajamas should not be too loose either. Loose infant pajamas can be trapped in bedding, crib bar, mattress and even in your baby’s own hands or feet. Too-loose garment can be a death trap for a baby who can’t protect themselves. The stretchy fabrics are the best choice because they can fit closely. And buy the proper size for your babies’ height and weight.

3. Type

Infants are not choosy like older children so style is not a big matter. Select the style which works best for your baby’s needs. But the most important one is that the design is comfortable and provides fast and easy diaper changes. For this case I recommend you to choose footie pajamas for some benefits you can get from this type of infant pajamas. It can be worn either for playtime, naptime or nighttime. Many mode buttons at the front part make them easy to put in and off. Some of them even have a drop-seat option. Then taking the style of which non-skid soles is good for they are still not quite solid on their feet. Furthermore the footed fleece zip-up pajamas are not only the warmest choice but also provide extra traction for your babies as they learn to walk.

4. Season

Different seasons need different sleepwear. Buy light weight footie infant pajamas for warm weather. Then for chilly nights you had better to choose heavier flannel, fleece or jersey knits. Such infant pajamas possess long sleeves and long legs to supply the most warmth throughout the cold, winter season. They wrap the whole body except hands and head.

After all you may do online shopping to get the cute, comfortable and safe infant pajamas for your baby

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