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The Wind and the Moon

The Wind and the Moon

The Wind and the Moon

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in the shade of a rock. It would sound strange, but one of them was a lion and the other was a tiger. They were friends since their childhood. They knew each other from the time, when they were too small to understand the difference between the lions and the tigers. Thus, their friendship was not at all strange to them.

Moreover, the part of the mountain under which they lived was peaceful; it could be due to the presence of a monk who lived under the same rock. He was a hermit, one who lives far away from worldly affairs. One day, the two friends got into a stupid argument for some unknown reason. The Tiger said,” Everyone knows that cold comes when the moon decreases from full to new”. The Lion said, “You are a stupid fellow. From where did you hear such nonsense? Everyone knows that cold comes when the moon increases from new to full”.

The argument between them became stronger and stronger. Both of them were firm at their own opinion. They could not arrive at any conclusion to resolve the growing disagreement. They even started calling ill names to each other. Suddenly, they thought that like this they would lose their friendship. At last, they decided to go and ask the learned monk, who would definitely know about the actual answer.

Both of them went together to the peaceful monk and bowed respectfully before him. The hermit asked them the reason for their sudden arrival. They put their question to him and said, “Sir, only you can answer to this problematic question”. The hermit thought for a while and said, “It can be cold in any phase of the moon, from new to full and back to new again. It is the wind that brings the cold, whether from west or north or east. Therefore, both of you are right and neither of you is defeated by the other”.

The hermit also said, “Both of you share healthy friendship since your childhood. It is not good to get into arguments and think about separation. The most important thing is to live without conflict, to remain united. Unity is best by all means”. The Lion and the Tiger understood the message of the wise monk. They thanked him for the kind suggestion given by him. Both of them lived happily thereafter as good friends.

Moral: Weather comes and weather goes, but friendship remains.

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The possibly new vocabulary for you:

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Discovery Kids Bilingual Teach and Talk Tablet – Purple, CLICK HERE to know more!

1. due to: because of something

2. monk: a man who lives in a religious community away from other people. Monks live in a building called a monastery

3. fellow: a man (used for talking to a man in a friendly way)

4. nonsense: ideas, behaviour, or statements that are not true or sensible

5. firm: steady and not likely to change

6. bow: to bend your body forwards from the waist, especially to show respect for someone

7. defeat: to win against someone in a game, fight, or election

8. remains: the part of something that is left after the rest has been finished, used, or destroyed

9. resolve: to solve a problem, or to find a satisfactory way of dealing with a disagreement

10. affairsevents and activities relating to the government, politics, economy etc of a country, region, or the world

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