A Complete List of Newborn Outfits Needs

New Born Clothes

New Born Clothes

Newborn Outfits must be the need of your newborn baby to be fulfilled. Since a newborn baby is not really active yet, he/she will spend most of the time for sleeping, then you need outfits which are not only comfortable but also make dressing and diaper changing easy.

The type of newborn outfits which suit your need is onesie or short sleeve body suits which consists of little t-shirts or vests with poppers between the legs. Sleep suits that cover the entire body, except the head, which commonly have a zip or popper fastening down the front are also important.

Basically the newborn outfits must meet the following criteria. First of all they must be comfortable and warm. Cottons and blends fabrics are good options to keep your infant warm and cozy. Then the newborn outfits also must be easy to wear and remove. Choose outfits which have wide necks, snap buttons or velcro straps at the front or back or at the side of the neck lines. The removable crotch snaps or button down fronts are also helpful for easy diaper changing. The next is safety. Avoid buying newborn outfits with laces because your baby’s fingers will be easily to get caught in them. Buttons and some other ornaments are also not safe since the ones which are loose or have fallen off the garment, can cause a choking hazard. Furthermore, you’d better avoid some materials like tulle, polyesters or wools for they can potentially cause allergic reactions or skin irritations to your baby.

After that, before going to baby clothing outlet stores around your area or you can shop online to get your newborn outfits, I believe it will be wise for you to make a list of your baby needs. In this way you will buy the items really needed in an appropriate amount. You won’t be over-spending and can save your money to buy the other needs. You can start making the list for the first month then expand it for the first year. You’d better ask some advice from experienced people like grandparents.

The following newborn baby checklist can be used as a guideline to shop your newborn outfits for the first year needs.

First you’ll need newborn outfits, toys, bottles and nipples. Then vests will be functional to wear under outfits and to wear at home when it’s warm. Because you certainly don’t want your infant to be too hot or too cold, so you can layer clothes and blankets to keep your baby cozy. Buy plenty of nappies since you’ll often change it for the comfort of your baby. Preparing plenty of cotton wool balls for clean up while changing your baby’s nappy is also very essential. You are not recommended to use baby wipes for the first few weeks, since your newborn baby’s skin is still very sensitive and can be easily irritated.

For bathing equipment, you may prepare baby bath or baby tub, baby soap and shampoo without tears and baby towel. Then for caring you need baby powder, oil and lotion. Baby bedding, sheets and blankets must the next items to be written. Don’t forget to buy waterproof mattress protector. You’ll need it. After that is baby slings and baby stroller. You’ll also need baby car seat to afford your little one’s safety in the car. Then baby crib that can be used up to 5 years of age. Don’t forget to purchase baby changing bags. You may choose from a wide range of colors and sizes. Last but not least is breast pump. It will make feeding your baby much easier.

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