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Indonesia in Danger, Constitutional Court Chief Says



The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sat, 05/28/2011 8:23 PM

Constitutional Court chief Mahfud M. D., who is famous for making controversial remarks, says Indonesia is facing a “dangerous threat” from inside the republic.

“The threat is within the process of the enforcement of the law. The development of democracy in Indonesia is hampered by parties taking hostage of each other,” Mahfud said during the inauguration at Indonesia Islam University in Bantul on Saturday as quoted by

Mahfud illustrates that if someone is responsible for acts of corruption, the process of law enforcement would face a significant challenge if the person holds information powerful enough to directly or indirectly incriminate law enforcers.

He further said that many stakeholders in the affairs of law enforcement are deeply entrenched in practices of corruption.

“There is almost no power that can tear this web,” he said. According to Mahfud, the system of law enforcement in Indonesia has yet to even solve one major corruption case due to political entanglements.

Mahfud said whenever there is a major case, another would emerge to steal the public’s attention. “This is utterly dangerous for the future of the nation and state,” he said.

He said that history had taught human kind that should a country fail to uphold justice, “destruction is only a matter of time”.

“We need a clean leader to wipe out the legal web that has held the nation hostage and has put it in this precarious situation,” he said.

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