News Item

What is it?

A text which contains about news is categorized as news item text. This text supplies you the up to date information or the hottest issue of the day since media like news papers are published daily.

Social Function

News Item text purposes to inform readers or listeners about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important.

Generic Structure

Newsworthy event
It tells the main event which is considered newsworthy in a summary form.

Background event
It elaborates what happened or tell the detail information or what causes the incident. It can include the background, participant, time, and place relating to the news.

It contains comments which can be from the participants, witness, the official authorities or experts in the events.

Language Feature

1. Using of action verbs (hit, attack)
2. Using of saying verbs (said, added, claimed)
3. Using of passive sentences (Aceh was hit by Tsunami in 2004)
4. Using of adverbs in passive sentences (The victims were badly injured)

5. Using past tense. It is logical as the consequence of telling thing which happens in the past.

News Item Text Examples:

  1. Bieber Fever
  2. Iran: No Nuke Talks With North Korea, ‘Only Economy’
  3. South Borneo Mangrove Forest Severely Damaged
  4. Agreement on Jakarta Truck Ban
  5. Indonesia in Danger, Constitutional Court Chief Says
  6. Apple’s Do-It-All Smartphone Still The Favorite Among Majority of Wireless Users
  7. Mark Zuckerberg Is A Genuine Geek? Quite the Opposite!
  8. Royal Wedding Likely to Hurt Uk Economy
  9. Nissan to Make Future New York Taxis
  10. Blood Test Predicts When You’ll Die
  11. Apple Now World’s Most Valuable Brand
  12. Bin Laden Photo to Be Released
  13. Limits on Non-White Kids In French Football
  14. “Father of The Cd” Dies
  15. Chinese Writer to Have Shakespeare’s Face
  16. Apple Suing Samsung for Copying
  17. Royal Wedding Stamps Split William and Kate
  18. Do You Suffer from Facebook Depression?

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