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How to Speak English Perfectly

By Silvia Mendes, eHow Contributor

Speak English Fluently

Speak English Fluently

Whether English is your first or second language, proper pronunciation ensures clear communication, and can be important in obtaining a job. Listening to others speak English is not sufficient when trying to perfect your pronunciation; practicing is only part of what is required.


1. Work to gain confidence in your English-speaking abilities. Resist the urge to stop trying if you have made a mistake. Confidence is essential when perfecting your English because it will give you the motivation needed to continue when a mistake occurs.

2. Use a dictionary, not a thesaurus. Translating an English word to another language will confuse you because many words do not have a clear translation. Use a dictionary to find the definition of a word that you cannot understand.

3. Take pronunciation and communication classes at a local school that provides English as a Second Language (ESL) offerings. Practice pronunciation of words using the phonetic alphabet. The phonetic alphabet uses letters and symbols to represent sounds in language. The phonetic alphabet can be found at the beginning of most dictionaries.

4. Practice as much and as often as you can. Practice words and sounds that are difficult to pronounce. Use educational materials when practicing; the phonetic alphabet, tapes, and DVDs commonly are used.

5. Learn the word stress of words. Word stress only occurs once with every word that has more than two syllables. Use a dictionary to find the phonetic spelling of words. The phonetic spelling of a word will have an apostrophe (‘) either before or after, depending on the dictionary, the stressed syllable.

6. Speak slowly because speaking quickly can confuse the person you are speaking to. Speaking quickly makes pronunciation more difficult, so speak slowly and enunciate while perfecting your English.

7. Accept the mistakes you make and learn from them. Do let your errors discourage you.

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