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A Cold Crisp Day

Cold Day

Cold Day

BLINK… BLINK… I lifted my wet woolen gloves up to my damp eyelashes and wiped the delicate snowflakes from my eyes. I could not feel my nose and my breath was like icicles forming in the air. I was cold. I was fed up! I wanted to go home. Mum and dad had forced me and my 2 sisters – Jenny and Mary to go for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. I could see my footprints in the snowy path. Like a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest showing me the way home.

I stopped and listened to the magic around me. I could hear the wind howling like a stray dog hungry for a yummy bone. The branches of the trees that used to whisper and rustle had become bare, brown bones and the grass was covered with a white sparkling blanket. Then I saw a filmy web shimmer and glimmer beneath a pale sun. My breath was like silky soft smoke wafting up into the freezing cold air.

Suddenly there was mum with a big cup of liquid heaven. She handed it to me with an enormous smile on her face. ‘ Here you are Jo, this will keep you warm”

I slowly sipped the delicious liquid and felt it dripping and slipping down into my tummy like lava flowing down a mountainside. My wet woolen gloves were no longer frozen but warm. My breath had thawed and I was no longer fed up or cold. I was happy and contented.

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