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A Rainy Day In Bangalore

by emailraku

rainy day

rainy day

Bangalore weather is unpredictable .From last two days there were no sign of rain, but on that day it is raining. It was a heavily rainy day. I have started late from the office because I was swimming .I have started from Wipro at 7 PM.  I got the bus by 7.37 PM.

I got bus at 7.37 PM. I usually have a habit of sleeping in bus if there’s no beautiful girl to stare at. So within 20 minutes I was in a deep sleep. Hey, I forgot to tell you it was drizzling when I started from Wipro . I had a good dream while slept in the bus.

I got out from my fancy dream once bus has reached Sony World bus stop. I think every person has a automatic alarm system in his mind, so Once we set the time it will ring at that time. It can be a possible subject of research “Natural alarm system in mind” or a book like “How to use your natural alarm system effectively”

I have to get down from bus at the next stop. At that time only I have seen rain has created moist on the glasses of the bus window. One creative has came into my mind and my childhood has returned back. I have started creating funny shapes by my finger on the window glass .Since it was a Volvo so I have big canvas to show my creativity. I have played with the glasses of bus. I have made some funny faces ,I do not know I am  good or bad painter but like anybody , I also like my own creativity very much.

Once I turned back my face, I have noticed almost everybody is staring at me. I was about to get down at my bus stop, Suddenly I noticed a water flow in front of me and it is of level of Bus stop only. It seems small river is flowing in front of me .

I got down there and It was water up to my knee. Oh my god it was really bad experience. Just 1 hour before I was in Swimming pool of water level of up to my chest and I was feeling good and I have entered swimming pool on my wish but now the water is half of that but I am not feeling good. When I got settled at my new location, I looked at my bus back. Oh my god I got surprised by seeing it most of the glasses are now full of sketches by all people. It was a wonderful view .It was amazing. I was so happy to see that. I was not happy because people are enjoying I was happy because people are following me.

Suddenly I saw one girl was coming from right side of the road…

She was stunning, beautiful, gorgeous.

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