A Tour to the Botanic Gardens

by Nida

On Thursday 24 April, Year Eight students went to the Botanic Gardens. We walked down and got into the bus.

After we arrived at the gardens, we walked down to the Education Centre. We went to have a look around. First we went to the Orchid Farm and Mrs. Rita read us some of the information. Then we looked at all the lovely plants. After that we went down to a little spot in the Botanic Gardens and had morning tea.

Next we took some pictures and then we went back to the Education Centre to have lunch. After that we went for a walk.

A lady took us around and introduced herself, and then she explained what we were going to do. Next she took us in to the green house. It was most interesting.

Soon after we had finished we went back outside. Finally we got into the bus and returned to school. We were tired but happy.

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