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Adventure in the Sacred Forest

By Michael Parasmento Mhlanga

Sacred Forest

Sacred Forest

A cool, chilly breeze was blowing across the Mutiusinazita valleys. I huddled close to the shelter of a large baobab tree in a futile attempt to escape the cold.

I was herding a small herd of goats in the valley. An idea suddenly came to me and I decided to embark on an adventure in the sacred forest and hunt, leaving my goats in the valley.

I took my knobkereie and small spear and entered the forest. For two hours I hunted and only managed to kill a small hare and two birds. I decided to check the goats.

Suddenly there was a terrific roar from the heart of the forest which resulted in every living creature fleeing for life like a group of frightened children. As for me, I just stood rooted to the spot on which I was standing. A lion emerged from the trees. I was too terrified to flee for life or fall down. I just defecated and urinated on myself and my heart throbbed as if it was going to find its way out of my chest.

The lion halted a few metres from me and I realised that it was the historical sacred lion which had eluded death by the gun of hunters. Some of my courage reduced, the fear screamed like the historical madman of London. I closed my eyes and waited for fate. Nothing happened. I opeñed my eyes fearfully and stared at what the lion was doing in amazement. For the lion was fleeing from me as if the devil was after it. My scream had frightened it. I took to my heels as if satan himself was after me with an edged fork. I will never forget that ordeal.

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