Dog Made History

By Vartika Singh

Dog Made History———

This is a story of the time when Neil Armstrong made the history of being the first person to climb on the moon. There was a dog-named Duffy. He also heard about Neil Armstrong and decided to make history to be the first dog to travel to the moon. He told his friends and other animals about his decision to make history. All his friends became very happy when they heard about this. They all started singing and dancing. But how will Duffy go to the moon, if he does not have rocket? This was the most important part to make history. They must have a rocket. Now everyone started thinking what they should do. But it was late night so everyone decided to sleep and discuss about the topic tomorrow morning.

Next morning everyone came for meeting except Fatty cow. Everyone was expecting her, but after a long time when she did not come, everyone decided to start the meeting without her. Now everyone started telling what they have thought. Chuchu rabbit said that we must build a very big ladder, for the first, everyone agreed but then one more problem arises, that they do not have that much wood to build such a big ladder. So that idea was also cancelled. Someone says that we can build wings for Duffy. That was a good idea, everyone agreed. But, Chuchu again said that if Duffy will not have any oxygen then how will he fly in space? And space doesn’t even have air, it is only a vacuum.

Dog got very stressed when he saw that no one was able to make any decision, so that he can go to the moon and make history like Neil Armstrong. Suddenly Fatty cow came and politely said to everyone to follow her. Everyone went with her. To their surprise they saw that Fatty cow had brought so many iron plates, steel plates and so much wood, including a big bunch of rubber. When Duffy asked her about this, then she said that she had brought these things to make a rocket. “What”! Everyone got shocked from her decision. When she told them her plan, then everyone became very happy. Then chuchu again asked them about oxygen gas, how Duffy will get oxygen in vacuum? Everyone knew that without oxygen he cannot breathe. But Fatty also had a solution for that, she told everyone that some of her friends are making an oxygen tank for Duffy. Everyone became very happy, when they heard this, but the one who was most happy was Duffy. Now he knew that he would definitely make history. He got very happy and hugged all his friends.

Everyone decided to start work from the very next day. And so they started building the rocket. Within a month they all completed building the rocket. Everyone became very happy when they saw the rocket. Meanwhile Fatty’s friends had given her the oxygen tank. Next day they all decided to have a celebration with Duffy. They all celebrated with great Joy. Duffy decided to leave the next morning.

And so he left the very next morning with his wonderful rocket. But what is this, he is not going towards the moon. Actually, he was going towards the Sun. He actually crossed the Sun and became the first to cross the sun from such distance. CONGRATULATIONS! Duffy made history……………

THE END………………….

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