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Lucky Friday

By Tiffany Vu

Lucky Friday

Lucky Friday

It was the student of the month award. Sixth grade was up. My teacher Ms. Mitchell went and talked about the student that will receive the award. “Hey Tiffany, it’s you, I can see your name on the paper,” My friend Sydney said. “And this award does to Tiffany Vu!” “Woo yea go Tiffany!” my friends yelled. I was really surprised because I haven’t got a student of the month award for a long time.

After the student of the month award, everyone in middle school will participate in a basketball game called bump! I was really happy because I was a monster in bump. Only some sixth graders were going to play. The seventh and eighth graders played first. The winner in seventh grade was KiVon and for eighth it was Serafel.

Now it’s time for the sixth graders and we were separated. Everyone was cheering for me and my buddy CJ, A.K.A Chris. Dhkari was in my line and surprisingly I eliminated him. Boom! “Tiffany is your winner for this side!” Mr. Hughes said. Every single sixth grader came and hugged me. “For the other side your winner is Chris!” Looks like me and Chris are in the top.

Now the winners were going to compete. Me and Chris were the only sixth graders obviously. I went first and got eliminated. But it was fine, I had good luck. Chris was only left and I was praying he would win. “6th graders have won free dress on Tuesday! Sixth graders please thank Tiffany and Chris for being at the top and earning you all free dress!” Chris and I won! We were celebrating and man it was fun. Thanks to me and Chris we got free dress!

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