The Nightmare

By Renato Câmara

Summer started. A light, warm breeze closes in. I shiver at the feeling of water hitting my feet, buried in the hot sand. It`s all so refreshing I have to pinch myself to make sure i`m not dreaming. Someone calls my name. Sam. He comes running towards me. In the distance, I spot his black sandals digging the gold sand with every step. Panic starts rising in my chest as I give small steps back and eventually start running against the approaching “threat” that is sure to bring back unwanted memories. I knew I should have stayed home, away from all these dark thoughts. I let out a big squeal as he grabs my arm almost furiously. His cold hands replace the warmth I once felt awhile back. My body desperately tries to flee from this man I know more than anyone. I push him away from me but that only gives him more reasons to pull me closer and scream my name. That voice is the only one that can awake me from this endless nightmare. A soothing, calm, relaxed, yet determined and strong voice that is his own.

-Everything´s ok Barbie. – he tells me. Every time I hear that nickname I give a small chuckle. He smiles, still gazing me.
-Stop it Sam! – I manage to say, even though the words come out between giggles, – My name is Bárbara, not Barbie.
-I know that.

He embraces me for a small second and then intertwines his fingers with mine. We hold hands and just stand there, looking upon the infinite ocean ahead of us…

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