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Vietnam vacation

by Alicia23

Vietnam Vacation

Vietnam Vacation

I had gone on vacation with my friend to his homeland and it was absolutely amazing to experience another culture. We went hiking, fishing and even went to festivals. One afternoon though we had walked to a nearby restaurant and seen a young girl around my age (18-19) lying on the ground with staff from the restaurant surrounding her. The girl was American and was bleeding from the chest. I’m not sure if she had been shot in the heart but it must have been close by because blood started to flow from her nose. She kept asking for a phone even though everyone kept telling her not to talk as he face became very pale.

When she was handed a cell phone she made a call to her mom and left a massage saying something like ‘I’ve been shot and I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and thank you for everything and raising me. Blood began to come out of her mouth as she talked. Her hand fell to the dirt and she died. A staff member hung up the phone and placed a shirt over her face. That night I watched the news and found out the girl was 18, was here from America studying abroad and had been robbed. The robber got away with seven dollars, a watch worth about ten dollars and a necklace and ring worth about eight all together. He killed a poor girl for a meer $97. He was soon caught by the police, instead of taking him to jail they shot and killed him in the streets, people told me they do things differently there then in AMerica. If you take a life especially a young life you die right then and there. You don’t waste the governments money by sitting in prison. A life for a life. Well I hope the next time I go on vacation I wont have to watch another person die.

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