What is It?

Spoof is a text that tells a factual story which happened in the past with unpredictable and funny ending.

Social Function

The social function of spoof is to tell the humorous story which meant to entertain the readers.

Generic Structure

It tells the participants of the story and informs the time and place of the happening.
It tells the happening in a chronological order.
It provides the funniest part of the story with an unpredictable ending.

Language features

1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things 2. Using connectives: first, then, finally
3. Using action verb: ate, ran, walked, laughed etc
4. Using adverb of time and place: in the park, last week, etc
5. Using simple past tense

The Spoof Text Examples:

1.      A Wife’s Wishes

2.      The Nut Case

3.      Cinderella Would Be Shocked

4.      Duck Hunting

5.      Just follow the Tracks

6.      Alligators in the Pool

7.      The Smart Blonde

8.      Zoo Job

9.      Blonde in Space

10.  Miser’s Final Wish

11.  Construction Workers Lunch

12.  Goodbye Mom

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