Choosing the Right Toddler Bathing Suits

toddler wetsuit

toddler wetsuit

Toddler Bathing Suits need to be prepared for your toddler to have happy summertime in a beach or swimming pool. There are many kinds of fashionable and cute little toddler bathing suits available in the market. You may buy the branded or the cheap ones but comfort and safety must be the first consideration. Choose the toddler bathing suits which can protect the part of the body that frequently get much UV exposure such as the main trunk of the body, the arms and the thighs.


Your toddler’s bathing suits must fit well. They are neither too tight nor too loose. The too tight swimsuits can bring about difficulty to breathe freely and cause the straps bite kids’ tender skin. And the too loose swimsuits can bother their movement and collect sand which will irritate them.

Choose swimsuits which are designed to prevent rashes on the skin for they give you double benefits. Not only it protects the skin from the dangerous UV rays but also care for skin which may be sensitive to the chemicals those are sprayed into the water.

Then you must select the fabric of the toddler bathing suits which allows them to breathe and endure to chlorine pools and the sea without getting fuzzy after a few washings.

In addition, it is also important to keep your kids warm since they tend to be sensitive to cold water. Wetsuits will provide extra warmth. They are available in several different thicknesses. For summer in slightly cool pools or lakes, a 1.5mm or 2mm thickness will provide the warmth your kids need.

To complete the comfort, you’ll need toddler bathing suits with an integrated swim nappy to prevent any leaks into the pool. Or you can use separated swimming diapers which are available in many cool colors.

UV protection

boys board shorts

boys board shorts

Your toddlers are very sensitive to UV rays and may sunburn easily. When swimming, they will have a direct contact with the sunshine. The direct contact to sunlight is very harmful for the skin, especially at noon. It not only makes the skin rough but also potentially increases the risk of getting skin cancer. The risk of getting cancer is most sharply affected by the sun exposure for the period of childhood. Sunburn in childhood may double up the chance of getting the disease. Therefore, protecting your kids and dress them with full sun protective toddler bathing suits is the best idea.

The best choice for this need would be what is called toddler wetsuits. They supply 100% UV protection. They are equivalent of smearing 50+ SPF sun block, then you don’t need to worry about being washed off .This kind of suits also come with no tight straps and give easy movement to make them comfortable. They are also durable and completed with a large sunhat.

Or if your toddlers wish to wear ordinary toddler bathing suits, such as bikinis for girls or swimming trunks and surf shirt or rash guard shirt for boys, they will still be ok.

Before buying swim trunks for your little boy, you must know the cut. The most popular swim trunks for toddlers are Board shorts. They are usually knee-length. The other kind of swimming trunks are shorts. Shorts are a loose mid-thigh cut swim-wear. They are usually made of either one hundred percent polyester or nylon fabrics. They just look like every-day wear shorts, what make them different are they contain polyester lining inside.

tank suits

tank suits

Then the choice of toddler bathing suits for toddler girl is a one-piece swimsuit which is a commonly skin-tight. It can cover your girl’s torso. The most popular type of one-piece suit is tank suit. It looks like a sleeveless bodysuit. And now there’s bodyskin as the latest innovation of one-piece swimsuits. It is rather similar to a unitard or wetsuit. It can cover the whole torso, arms and legs; and can lessen friction against water.

A one piece doesn’t mean plain. Your little angel may play in water, yet she will be interested to spend the time on the sand. Then you may select toddler bathing suits with bows, ribbons and raised patterns to make her more fashionable. There are large amount of colors and patterns to pick out.

Then to anticipate the sand which can be quite hot to sit on and play, you can think about a skirted bikini bottom or a one piece swimsuit with a full skirt. Therefore her bottom will be protected by the skirt when she sits on the sand to play.

The other choice for your girl is two-piece toddler bathing suits. In line with its name, these toddler bathing suits consist of two separate parts. The types among others are skirtinis, tankinis and monokinis. Skirtinis and tankinis are two piece swimsuits which are easy to move around without being too loose or too tight. Since your little girl is very active and never stops moving, therefore skirtinis and tankinis are suitable to fulfill this need. The two-piece swimsuit also allows you to get access to the diaper easily, so that you can change it quickly when it is needed.



You surely still need to apply sun block to the lower arms and legs, smear it much using SPF +15 or more. Choose lotion or spray which is appropriate for their tender skin. And you need to reapply it at least every two hours or more.

On the other hand you still need some other things for the comfort and safety of your toddler, they are float like water wings or inflated rings, swim cap and towel.

Just keep in mind that the safety of your kid is the most important; therefore you need float since it allows your kids to swim freely without anxiety. Then swim cap not only protects his/her head but also, especially if your kid has long hair, will keep the hair out of the eyes. And towel will make him/ her dry and warm after coming out from water. Your toddlers are well protected now and are ready to have fun swimming time.

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