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 About Me and ThousandsIdeas.Com


Hello, I’m Delonix Regia, the admin of this site. You may call me Regia. I’m from Indonesia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country of thousands islands, just like my site’s name, thousands ideas :D.

Let me tell you about myself. I’m the one who has big dreams. I struggle for the dreams to come true no matter what happens. I want to make my star shiny. I want to be as flamboyant flowers of which beauty mesmerize the universe. Being a champion in life is my only choice, fixed price.

I’m an online marketer,a blogger, a writer as well as a school teacher. I market various great products and services on the internet. I provide good information for the customers so that they can make right decision before buying something.

I also write many kinds of articles and publish them on my sites so that people can know my ideas, dreams, thought, feeling, and experience.

I teach English subject as well at a senior high school in my city. I started teaching in 2003 as soon as I graduated from Lampung University. I have many students. I love teaching, :D.

I create ThousandsIdeas.Com to express my ideas, dreams, hopes, feeling, belief, etc, etc and to provide information for the visitors. It is about making all dreams come true. Hope it is useful for you.

Cheers and stay cool!

You can find the following information on this site:

1. English Course

In this part I provide materials for those who want to study or deepen English. I organize the materials systematically so that you can understand and practice them easily. I divide the lessons into several parts, among others are Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary. Each part is completed with quiz so that after learning material of a certain topic you can directly test or measure your mastery on the topic by doing the quiz.

2. Blogging Tutorial

By the way, blogging is my hobby. I’m crazy about blogging. I do blogging every single day.I want to share with you my little knowledge and experience about blogging. I provide Blogging Tutorial here, especially Blogging with WordPress and Blogspot. Not only how to beautify your blog and completing the function but also how to monetize your blog so that you can make money with it.

3. Social Media Sharing

Nowadays there are many social media on the internet. The existence of social media is very important as it makes people easier to socialize or interact each other anytime they want. Social media makes people stay connected wherever and whenever people are. Social media also makes internet marketing much easier. Find how to use social media like facebook, twitter, google +, pinterest etc, here!

4. Entertaining Story

I provide many stories you can read and enjoy here. There are inspiring, love, adventure and funny stories. I write the stories myself. I started to write stories when I was in junior high school. The stories can be derived from my own experience in life or the result of my fantasy or imagination. You may cry, laugh, smile or get inspired when reading the stories. Whatever the stories are, they are all entertaining and amusing you. Grab them now only here!

5. Acne Treatment

Are you suffering from terrible and annoying acne? Acne is annoying as it grabs your self confident and frequently is very hard to cure. But now you can start to smile and no need to worry anymore for I provide you very excellent guide on how to cure your acne naturally and effectively. I also give you links to get great products on acne treatment. Then really hope you’ll get your self-confident back after implementing the tips from this site. Grab the info here!

6. Fat Loss

For many people overweight is really a problem. Not only it is harmful for the health but also lowers the self confident. Every individual experiencing overweight surely wants to get fat loss, yet fat loss sounds hard to do for many people. But actually people seem to make it more complicated than what it actually needs to do. Now you can Get Tips on Natural and Permanent Fat loss that Work For Everybody here!

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