Adverb of Place

Adverb of place tells us where something happens. Adverb of place answers the question where. Adverb of place may show the position or the direction (movement in a particular direction) of something. Adverb of place can appear as a single word or in the form of prepositional phrase.

The examples of single-word adverb of place are here, there, somewhere, everywhere, anywhere, nowhere, abroad, upstair, downstair, inside, outside, out, back, aside, behind, ahead, forward, up ,nearby, far, away, etc.

Use in sentences:

a. He came here last night.
b. We will go there tomorrow.
c. She hides the ring somewhere.
d. You can get this fruit everywhere.
e. Don’t go anywhere!
f. I want to go abroad.
g. She is teaching upstair now.
h. They are chatting downstair.
i. We will wait for you inside.
j. Go outside to kill your boredom.

The examples of adverb of place in the form of prepositional phrase are in the house, next door, before the cupboard, in front of the house, on the table, behind the house, under the table, beneath the table, beside me, next to him, between the chairs, into the room, through the window, off the table, over the bed, across the street, toward the door, to the store, around the circle, at home, against the wall, in the middle of the room, on top of the roof, along the street, near the fence, etc,

Use in sentences:

a. They stayed in the house due to the cold weather last night.
b. I planted some mango trees in front of the house.
c. The dictionary is on the table.
d. He stood beside me.
e. Mom puts the small table between the chairs.
f. The boy is running into the room.
g. He’s waiting for the bus across the street.
h. She put some dots around the circle.
i. I’m leaning against the wall.
j. The little girl is squatting near the fence.

The use of in, on, and at in Adverb of Place Prepositional Phrase

1. In

In is used with the names of land-areas (town, city, country, and continent, etc).


a. They will stay in Bandar Lampung for three days. (town)
b. We live in Toronto.
c. My favorite singer has ever conducted a concert in Indonesia.
d. She is in Europe now.

2. On

Use on with name of street.


a. The bank is on Kartini Street.
b. Her luxurious house is on Sudirman Street.

3. At

Use at with specific addresses (house/building number, name of the street and city/town).


a. Her house is located at Pattimura Street no 71, Bandar Lampung.
b. The hotel is at Pangeran Antasari Street no 21, Bandar Lampung.

The Position of Adverb of Place

1. Put adverb of place after the verb if the verb has no object.


a. They are going outside now.
b. He is inside.

2. Put adverb of place after the object (either object of verb or preposition)


a. The boy kicked the ball away.
b. I met him in the office yesterday.
c. They waited for you here last night.

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