Best Acne Treatments Guide

Best Natural Acne Treatments

Best Natural Acne Treatments

Everybody who ever suffered from acne must feel annoyed and less confident. All because acne destroys one’s appearance and it is also persistent. Acne is very hard to cure though many skin care products offered today such facial scrubs, creams or tablets. These expensive products sometimes work for some people but not for others. However you must keep finding the best acne treatments.

Acne is not just a trouble on the skin; it is more of an internal problem. Acne is produced by some factors such as the cleanliness of the skin, hormone balance and the natural structure of your skin’s system. Genetics play a big role in determining your skin structure. Therefore an integrated program is needed for the best acne treatments.

Most of treatments available today, which often claim the best acne treatments, concentrate only on treating the external symptoms; thus many sufferers never get the result they want. The treatments only give some short-term relief. The main problem is still there.

The best acne treatment is not just a single solution but a multiple step process including internal and external treatments. The internal treatment aims to touch the root cause of the acne whilst the external treatment aims to speed up the healing process. However knowing your acne infection types is the most important of all for it aims to determine the best acne treatments you’ll have.

The best acne treatments range from light to serious forms. Then to determine your acne infection types, you may need to consult a specialist. Seeing a specialist potentially cost you, but it is better than you try many different treatments that may never work or even can make your acne worse.

The best acne treatments must take into account the following: controlling sebum production, medication, keeping the hygiene, and the usage of tone and moisturizer. This integrated system is the best acne treatment which in turn will give you lasting results, release you from acne.
Let’s discuss the best acne treatments one by one!

Controlling Sebum Production

Sebum is an oily substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands in the body. Typically, sebum passes out of the body through the pores. However, if those pores become clogged, the oil is unable to leave the body, and the subsequent back-up can lead to acne (Dr. Mehmet Oz).

The best acne treatment is actually about getting your body to get itself back into balance and can heal itself. The way you can do for it is controlling the production of sebum. It can help stop the breakout of pimples, for this makes your skin less oily and less easy to mixing with bacteria that causes acne.

There are some ways to control your sebum production such as avoiding foods with saturated fats and trans-fats as these can be a factor to oily skin. Saturated fats are mainly found in animal products – such as meats, dairy, and poultry.
Taking healthy food and providing your body with the vitamins (A, E and B group), minerals and fiber are also important. Also take supplements that contain omega 3, 6 and 9. These are essential fats for your body function. Having enough essential fat can help to reduce inflammation in your body which in turn can reduce acne. Don’t forget to drink lot of water. They all act as the best acne treatments which would prevent the acne outbreak.

Acne medication

For the best acne treatments, your doctor or dermatologist may give a prescription for you. There are medications to use on your skin (topical medication) and take by mouth (oral medication).

Medicines can cure the severity and control the frequency of pimples outbreaks. The best acne medical treatment is frequently a combination of some medicines.

Keeping the hygiene

Hygiene custom is also one of the best acne treatments. It can prevent acne. Wash your face smoothly twice a day with a mild cleanser, a soap-free and non-comedogenic facial cleanser, will help your skin healthy.


Oil and alcohol free toner is the best solution for acne prone skin. It will keep your face healthy since the toner clean the excess oil which the cleanser can’t brush out. It also rid the splotch of makeup which cannot be cleaned by facial wash. Additionally tone counteracts and kills all bacteria forming substances on your face that can cause pimples.


Nearly all people believe that oily face or severe acne doesn’t need moisturizer. It is not true. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized. Get a water-based gel moisturizer or oil-free face lotion that will set off with your skin. The moisturizer must contain SPF as well to defend your skin from damaging sunlight.