Thanks 4 Giving Me a Wrong Answer

Budi is usually a name of a boy, but in this story it’s a girl’s name. She was very plain and, of course funny. The girl has curly hair with slanted eyes. Her face was cute and innocent. She has a close friend, named Tommy. They were at the same grade but in different classes. Tommy was the smartest student in their school. His English was very good and certainly the best among others. Tommy was Budi’s idol. She was willing to give Tommy everything he needed. She also trusted Tommy very much. She believed every word Tommy said. And Budi always consulted every problem she faced in her subjects.

One day, her English teacher, Mr. Andy, taught her about the expression of gratitude. Budi learned how to express thanking and the respond, such as:
X: Thank you.
Y: You’re welcome.
A: I really thank you
B: Don’t mention it! Etc.
The handsome young teacher never taught her the following,
X: Thank you.
Y: Come back.
Never and will never.

But Tommy always said come back whenever Budi said thanks to him. Actually Tommy never meant to teach Budi a wrong lesson, it’s just a kidding. He just imitated what he watched on an Indonesian comedy film. There was a scene in that film, it was between a man and a western lady. It’s about a misunderstanding which was caused by the wrong choice of words. Indonesian people usually said kembali (meaning thanks in return) to respond a thanking utterance. The word kembali actually has another meaning i.e. come back, back to the previous position.

When the lady said thank you while leaving the man, he always answered come back, and surely the lady always returned back whenever the man said come back. It happened repeatedly. Tommy, whose favorite film was comedy, of course, doubled up with laughter. Hi hi hi …..

Then the day for the semester test came. They had an English Subject test on Monday. For Budi, almost all the questions were very difficult to answer except one. It was Complete the following dialogue by using the respond to thanking! Here’s the question:
Tio : Thank you so much for treating me, my best friend. I wait for the next treat, hi hi hi ……….

Bejo : ………………………..
Budi was very happy to have such question, and she directly answered it confidently.
After finishing the test, she looked for Tommy to confirm her surely correct answer. She found him chatting with Didi under a ficus binyamina tree.

“Hi Budi, you look so happy. Have you just got a lottery?” Tommy greeted her warmly. To hear Tommy’s greeting in such way, Budi was much happier than ever.

“Hi hi hi … You’re right, my bro. Just now, I could answer one of the questions in the test 100% correctly.” Budi answered happily and confidently.

“Did you? What number do you mean?”
“The last number, 25.”
“May I know your answer, my cute friend?”
“Of course you may, Tom. Come back. Yes, the answer is come back, as you always tell me.”
“Oh my God …. How come, Budi? That’s exactly a wrong answer.” Tommy really regretted what his plain friend had done. And Tommy’s reaction was really unbelievable for Budi.
“What do you mean, guy?” Budi didn’t understand it at all.
“Oh dear, how pity you are! You know, it’s just a kidding. I just imitated what was said by an actor on a comedy film. You’ve never realized that it’s just a joke?
“Probably I’ll get zero again for my English test, cause only one number I was sure about the answer, and now I know it’s wrong. How poor I am.”