Basic Mandarin Chinese
Sentence Pattern

In this post, we are going to learn about basic Mandarin Chinese sentence pattern.

1.Subject+Adverb of Degree+Adjective


a. 很高兴

hěn gāoxìng.

I am (very) happy.

b. 马丁

Mǎdīng hěn lèi.

Martin is (very) tired.

Actually (hěn) doesn’t really mean ‘very’, so I put it in a bracket. To say ‘very’ you can use 非常 (fēicháng).

fēicháng máng.
He is very busy.

(hěn) just functions to connect a subject and an adjective.

2. Subject+Verb+Object


a. 他喜欢
    Tā xǐhuān .
    He likes you.


    Wǒ xuéxí Rìyǔ.

     I study Japanese.

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