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Origin of Lotus

a folklore from West Java



PRABU Ranubahu is the king of Umbul Wening. He had a beautiful doughter, Dewi Arum. Dewi Arum has an unusual habit. She loves to take a bath and swim in the lake. Everytime she takes a bath, she forgets about everything, food, rest, even her duties as a princess.

The king and queen often scold Dewi Arum for her habit. But she never pays attention to them. One day, Umbul Wening is stroke by a plaque. Many of its citizen die. Many physicians try to cure the people of Umbul Wening but they all fail.

Suddenly a monk comes to see the king and says he has a vision from God. According to the monk, this plaque can be cured using the plants that live in the lake located at the Krendawahanan Forest. But, there is a catch. Those plants must be taken only by Dewi Arum.

So the king orders her daughter to go to Krencawahana Forest to get the plants. Dewi Arum agrees and goes to the forest accompanied by her beloved servants, Nyai Wijen and Nyai Empul.
After a long and tiring journey, they finally arrive at the lake.
Seeing the clear and blue water, Dewi Arum jumps and take a bath in the lake. She forgets about her duty to go and get the cure for her people. Her servants try to remind her about her duties but the princess ignores them.
Back at the kingdom, Prabu Ranubahu in worried about her daughter. So, he goes after her. He is surprised to see her daughter is bathing in the lake and forget about the duties. The king is furious.

“Arum?! What are you doing? Our people are dying and here you are having fun bathing in the lake. Since you enjoy being in the lake so much, you should become part of the lake!”

Right after the king finishes his sentence, a strange thing happens. Dewi Arum turns into a beautiful red flower. The king is surprised and sad to see what happens to her daughter. So, he picks the flower and goes back to his kingdom.

When the king arrives with the flower, the sickness that has been plaguing the kingdom is gone.
The beautiful flower that was once Dewi Arum is called lotus. It always grows in lakes.


The possibly new vocabulary for you:

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1. habit: something that you do often or regularly, often without thinking about it

2. duties: a legal or moral obligation

3. scold: to criticize someone, especially a child, severely and usually angrily for something they have done wrong

4. plaque: a substance that forms on your teeth and in which bacteria can grow and damage your teeth

5. physicians: someone whose job is to treat people who are ill or injured

6. monk: a man who lives in a religious community away from other people. Monks live in a building called a monastery

7. vision: someones idea or hope of how something should be done, or how it will be in the future

8. ignores: to pretend that you have not noticed someone or something

9. furious: extremely angry

10. servants: someone whose job is to cook, clean, or do other work in someone elses home

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