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Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna

Once upon a time in West Java, there was a kingdom. The king and the queen did not have any children yet. The king was so restless. He was thinking who would replace him as a king if he did not have any children.

Everyday the king and the queen prayed to god. They asked god to give them a baby.

Finally, a miracle happened. The queen was pregnant! The king and the queen were extremely happy.

The people were also happy. They loved the king and the queen. The king was wise and the queen was very kind to the people.

The time that the people had been waiting for finally arrived. The baby was born. It was a beautiful baby girl.

The king and the queen loved the princess very much. They gave anything she asked and that made her become a spoiled girl!

She would be angry whenever she could not get what she wanted. She really had bad temper! She was rude and always said bad things to people. Nobody liked her.

The princess would celebrate her 17th birthday soon. She wanted to have a great birthday party.

“Mother, I want to invite many people. And I want them to give me birthday presents. Especially from you, Mother,” asked the princess.

“Don’t worry, I will give you the best present,” said the queen.

The princess was smiling. She was so happy. She could already imagine that her party would be great.

The king and the queen invited many people to attend the party. Well, they were reluctant to attend it. They did not like the princess. However they respect the king and the queen. Therefore they came and brought birthday presents.

The king asked the princess to open all the birthday presents. The princess did that. She was hoping to get excellent gifts.

She opened the first gift.

“What’s this? Yuck! I don’t like it!”

She threw the gift away.

She opened the second gift.

“Gosh! It’s so ugly! I hate it!”

She threw it away

She opened the third gift.

Again, she threw it away.

The king and the queen were sad to see their daughter’s behavior.

The queen then gave the princess her birthday present.

The princess opened the present carefully.

“Mother, what’s this?”

“It’s jewelries. I got them from my mother. They are so precious and expensive,” explained the queen.

“But they are old-fashioned! I hate those jewelries, Mother!”

The princess again threw the birthday present.

The queen was so sad. She began to cry. Everybody was also sad. When they saw the queen crying, all the guests also started to cry.

The tears fell like rain. Indeed, it was like rain. Slowly the tears flooded the palace. Slow but sure more and more water from tears filled the palace. The tears did not stop and that made the whole palace flooded.

The palace was swallowed by the water. It created a lake! And the water was colorful. Since then people named the lake as Telaga Warna or the Colorful Lake.

Until now we still can see the colors coming from the lake. The local people believe that the colors are coming from the jewelries that the princess threw away.

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The possibly new vocabulary for you:

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1. restless: not willing or able to keep still because you are nervous, bored, or impatient

2. miracle: an event that cannot be explained according to the laws of nature and is considered to be an act of God

3. pregnant: if a woman is pregnant, she has a baby developing inside her body

4. extremely: very: used for emphasizing an adjective or adverb

5. wise: a wise person is able to make good choices and decisions because they have a lot of experience

6. spoiled: a child who is spoilt behaves badly if they do not get what they want, because people have always given them everything they want

7. temper: a tendency to get angry very quickly

8. rude: not polite

9. attend: to be present at an event or activity

10. reluctant: not willing to do something

11. excellent: extremely good

12. yuck:used for saying that you think someone or something is dirty, ugly, or unpleasant

13.gosh: used for showing that you are surprised or a little annoyed

14. behavior: the way that someone behaves

15. precious: worth a lot of money

16. old-fashioned: no longer modern or fashionable

17. indeed: used for emphasizing the meaning ofvery

18. swallowed: to make food or drink go from your mouth down through your throat and into your stomach

19. jewelries: objects that you wear as decoration. Types of jewellery include rings, which you wear on your finger, bracelets, which you wear on your wrist, and necklaces, which you wear around your neck

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